News 08.07.2016

Don MacLean will select senior Croatian representation

The coaching tandem will try and get first place in Group A of Division II in the World Championship.

News 20.03.2013

Medveščak and coach Marty Raymond part ways

After leading Zagreb's Medveščak team in the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League for two seasons, head coac

News 15.03.2013

Nesquik Hockey School with Zagreb's Bears

The Šalata skating rink hosted skating lovers for the last time this season on Sunday.

News 15.03.2013

The Bears hung out with their most faithful fans

A few thousand fans came out to skate, hang out, and get their pictures taken with their Bears.

News 15.03.2013

Bears delight students at Dr. Ivan Novak Macinec school

The Bears visited the students in order to teach them about the importance of taking part in sports.

News 14.03.2013

The Bears again in Earth Hour 2013 action

The official web page KHL Medveščak will be turned off on March 23st, from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM.

News 13.03.2013

Medveščak is 14th most visited club in Europe

The Bears have added yet another successful season in the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League.

News 13.03.2013

Spend Sunday with the Bears at the Bears' Sports Day

Everyone interested is invited to come to the Bears Sports Day.

News 08.03.2013

Bears finish the season in the quarterfinals

Medveščak were missing goalie Kristan, defenceman Waugh, and forward Perkovich.

Announcements 07.03.2013

Buck: We have to play like the last time in Salzburg

Zagreb's boys now have to bear their teeth once more at Red Bull on Salzburg's ice.

News 06.03.2013

Kristan suspended for unsportsmanlike behaviour

News 05.03.2013

Bears lose in overtime, Red Bull lead series with 3-2

The Bears will attempt to tie the series once again on Friday in Salzburg.

Announcements 04.03.2013

Raymond: I feel that we can win this series

The Bears' best shooter, Kyle Greentree, was back in the lineups for Sunday's game.

News 03.03.2013

Bears tie the series at 2-2 in Salzburg

The game in Salzburg ended with the same score as game 3 in Zagreb - 2:5.

Announcements 02.03.2013

Perkovich: Nothing's over yet, we can turn the series around

Red Bull have taken the lead in the series, and it's currently at 2-1.

News 28.02.2013

Bears lose in game 3, Red Bull lead seris 2-1

The Bears played in game 3 without Waugh, Greentree and Buck.

Announcements 27.02.2013

Martinović: We must remain concentrated and avoid penalties

The third quarterfinal game will be played in the Ice Hall of Dom Sportova at 7:15 PM.

News 26.02.2013

Bears lose in overtime, series levelled at 1-1

The Bears took a narrow loss in the second game of the quarterfinals, which was played in Salzburg.

Announcements 25.02.2013

Bozic: It won't be an easy task, but we're going for the win

The second game of the quarterfinals will be played on Tuesday at 7:15 PM in Salzburg.

News 24.02.2013

Bears lead the quarterfinals with 1 - 0

The Bears took the lead with 1 - 0 in the quarterfinal series against Red Bull Salzburg.

Announcements 23.02.2013

Sertich: It'll be tough against Red Bull, but we can do it!

The is the Bears' fourth season in the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League and their fourth playoffs.

News 22.02.2013

Bears play against Salzburg in quarterfinal

The Bears will face off against Red Bull Salzburg in the quarterfinals.

News 22.02.2013

Tomas & Gašparovič in Fleet vehicles

Medveščak and Fleet continues the business relationship.

Interview 21.02.2013

Gašparovič & Tomas: With tactic and teamwork to the title

Both of them marked their premiere in the blue jersey with a goal.

News 19.02.2013

Bears return from Klagenfurt with a point

Kristan defended 45 shots on goal in the Klagenfurt hall, and achieved a 98% save rate.

News 18.02.2013

Petar Trstenjak succesfully operated on, long recovery ahead

Trstenjak joined Medveščak this season and played 34 games.

Announcements 18.02.2013

Koren: We can't let ourselves relax in the last 10 minutes

Zagreb's chilly boys are currently in fourth place, and in the last three games they had two wins.

Interview 18.02.2013

Brumerčik: Now i realize how important PR is for the club

News 17.02.2013

Bears treat fans in Ice Hall with two points against Graz

Zagreb's boys were on the right track from the first period.

Announcements 16.02.2013

Waugh: I hope we end the bad streak against Graz

This week two new offensive players joined the Bears: Slovaks Roman Tomas and Jakub Gašparovič.

News 15.02.2013

The Bears lose in Linz, Gašparovič debuts with three points

Waugh rejoined the Bears in Linz along with new player Jakub Gašparovič.

News 15.02.2013

The Bears are looking for their superfans!

The best photos will win game tickets, signed player jerseys, and valuable Nestle packages.

News 15.02.2013

Bears are another Slovak richer with Jakub Gašparovič

Gašparovič has played 218 games in the Extraliga and earned 137 points.

News 14.02.2013

Original Medveščak jerseys now on sale

Revenues from jerseys sold go to the newly established Medveščak Foundation.

Announcements 14.02.2013

Raymond: We have to be fearless and agressive against Linz

Slovakian forward Roman Tomas, who joined the Bears on Tuesday, had a great premiere.

News 13.02.2013

Bears get revenge on Vienna, Tomas crowns premier with goal

48 seconds before the ref blew the final whistle, Gal Koren earned the Bears two clear points.

Announcements 12.02.2013

Kristan: I think we've got a good shot to reach the finals

The Bears played their last game before the break against the Vienna Capitals.

News 12.02.2013

Another Slovak in the bear den - Roman Tomas is coming

In the Extraliga Tomas got 84 goals and 88 assists in 319 games including the playoffs.

Interview 11.02.2013

Mikulić: Nobody expected that we would get so far

Luka also played 30 games in the junior Erste Bank Young Stars League this season.

News 09.02.2013

Bears have an Olympian; Lix plays for Slovenia in 2014 W.O.G.

This will be the first time in history that Slovenia will take part in the Winter Olympic Games.

Announcements 08.02.2013

Raymond: We have to control our emotions in the playoffs

Waugh, who missed the last games because of an injury, started lightly with practices again.

News 06.02.2013

Best with the best - Optical Express with the Bears!

Optical Express is a 'healthy partner' of KHL Medveščak Zagreb in the 2012/2013 season.

News 02.02.2013

Medveščak is beacon of quality for Croatians

The club considered to be of the highest quality in Croatia by its citizens is Medveščak.

News 01.02.2013

Bears close Winter Classic with 1:2

Nescafe Šalata Winter Classic was opened by popular Croatian singer Nina Badrić.

Announcements 31.01.2013

Bears on Šalata: It will be a special night under the stars

This will be the Bears' fourth game out in the open this season.

Announcements 30.01.2013

Ahead of Winter Classic at Šalata

This season's edition of the Nescafe Šalata Winter Classic will be held on February 1st.

News 29.01.2013

Bears lose to 99ers in Graz

The Bears play their next game on Friday at the Šalata skating rink.

News 28.01.2013

The Bears get 529 new subscribers in 5 days on Facebook

In just five days Medveščak had 529 new members, while the least number of people joined Znojmo.

Announcements 28.01.2013

Vedlin: I hope the game in Graz ends in 60 minutes

This week the Bears expect only two games - against Graz and against the Vienna.

News 27.01.2013

Arena Ice Fever over, bears get point against Linz

Before the game started, 70 Medveščak volunteers came out on the ice.

News 27.01.2013

Register for: Bear Service - The Right Thing!

Tonight Medveščak launch the 'Bear Service - The Right Thing!'.

Announcements 26.01.2013

Brandon Buck: With speed against Linz

Zagreb's boys are currently in second place in the placement group.

News 26.01.2013

Bears delight Nesquik Sports Day competitors

The referees for fun competition were Medveščak players - Yelovich, Bozic, Šijan, Koren and Vedlin.

News 25.01.2013

Bears crush Klagenfurt in overtime

The game against KAC in Arena Zagreb was undecided until the final minutes.

News 25.01.2013

Come hang out with Medveščak legends in Cvjetni Centre

Announcements 24.01.2013

Raymond: It would be great to finish in the top three teams

On Friday in Arena Zagreb, the Bears will play the4th game in the second part of this season's AIF.

News 24.01.2013

Medveščak & MakroMikro present Everything Into Account

The idea for this collaboration came about a year ago.

News 24.01.2013

Nesquik Sports Day in the company of freinds and the Bears

Along with the educational part there will also be a fun competition on Arena Zagreb's ice.

News 22.01.2013

Bears take a loss from Carinthian Eagles

After their visit to Villach, the Bears return to home ice in Arena Zagreb.

Announcements 21.01.2013

Naglich: Tougher games await us in the intermediary round

Zagreb's chilly boys have the quality to finish the intermediary round in first place.

News 20.01.2013

Bears play first intermediary round game in Villach

The Bears played without defensemen Geoff Waugh and Domen Vedlin.

Interview 19.01.2013

Letang: I'm proud of these 200 Medveščak games

Letang has a rich career, but this is his first time playing so many games with one club.

News 18.01.2013

Bears take vengeance on Villach and secure second place!

Letang was back on the ice fully recovered from his injury that had him out for 6 games.

News 17.01.2013

Want to be a hockey player? Register for Bears Sports Day!

Along with the educational part there will also be a fun competition on Arena Zagreb's ice.

Announcements 17.01.2013

Yelovich & Bouchard: VSV will be a fighting game

This is Zagreb's ice boys' fourth game with Villach this season.

News 15.01.2013

Double victory for the Bears!

The Bears put an end to their four-game losing streak and got their fourth victory against AV19.

Announcements 14.01.2013

Fraser: We want to and must play better

This season the Bears have crossed sticks with Fehervar's devils three times.

News 13.01.2013

Bears lose to Innsbruck, but secure playoffs

The Bears played against Innsbruck again without both defensemen Letang and Waugh.

Announcements 12.01.2013

Bears: We expect lots of wins in Arena Zagreb

The past two seasons AIF was held in one piece, while this time it's divided into two parts.

News 12.01.2013

Pan Arena Ice Fever jersey unveiled in Cvjetni Centre

For the first time in history, Medveščak's jerseys will be decorated with photos of their fans.

News 11.01.2013

Bears get point against Graz

The Bears expect their next game on Sunday at 5:20 pm in Arena Zagreb.

Announcements 10.01.2013

Buck & Brine: The game against Graz is really important

The Bears and the 99ers have met three times this season, twice in Graz and once in Zagreb.

Announcements 08.01.2013

Pan Arena Ice Fever returns to Zagreb!

This will be the Bears' first time in the beauty at Lanište in 2013, but not their debut there.

News 07.01.2013

Gal Koren is league's second best player in December

This is twenty-year-old Koren's second season in the blue jersey.

News 06.01.2013

Bears left without points in Bežigrad stadium

It was the hosts who celebrated 8:4 in the Bežigrad stadium.

News 06.01.2013

Cvjetni Centre, January's den for Zagreb's Bears

This past Saturday at Cvjetni there was an exciting morning of hanging out with Medveščak players.

News 06.01.2013

NHL lockout is over - Dustin Jeffrey won't return to Zagreb

Announcements 05.01.2013

Bears eagerly awaiting game in Bežigrad stadium

Zagreb's cavalry travels to Ljubljana to visit a longtime rival Telemach Olimpija.

News 04.01.2013

Bears get a point in game against KAC

The Bears earned a point against KAC. The score after a shootout ended in 1:2.

Announcements 03.01.2013

Sertich: Games against KAC are always charged with emotions

Captain Alan Letang will miss the game against Klagenfurt due to an injury.

News 03.01.2013

Dustin Jeffrey's return to Zagreb is delayed a few days

News 01.01.2013

Bears skate into the New Year with victory in Znojmo

Zagreb's cavalry continued this season's winning streak over Znojmo.

Announcements 31.12.2012

Vedlin: We always play well against Znojmo, i hope for a win

On Monday afternoon the Bears travelled to Znojmo.

News 31.12.2012

Gal Koren nominated for best young player in December

This is twenty-year-old Koren's second season in the Medveščak jersey.

News 30.12.2012

The Bears close 2012 with a victory against Linz

Both teams set a quick tempo right away in the first period.

Announcements 29.12.2012

Bozic: Another fast paced game is waiting for us with Linz

For Dennis Bozic this is his debut season with Medveščak and the Erste Bank Hockey League.

News 28.12.2012

Red Bull beat Bears with miniscule 1:0 victory

The Bears played in Salzburg without goalie Kristan and front line players Kostović and Greentree.

Announcements 27.12.2012

Koren: We must play in Salzburg like we did against Vienna

The twenty year-old offensive player has played 24 games this season and scored 3 goals.

News 26.12.2012

First place for the Bears, second shutout for Ouzas

Goalie Michael Ouzas got his second shutout of the season.

News 24.12.2012

Captain Alan Letang's Christmas greeting

Announcements 24.12.2012

Ouzas: Beating Vienna would be a great gift for the fans

Vienna will be visiting Zagreb for the second time.

News 23.12.2012

The Bears defeated in Vienna

Two minutes before the end of the game coach Marty Raymond took a time-out.

Announcements 22.12.2012

Waugh: We're ready to go in Vienna!

The Bears have in 17 away games won ten, but even in the seven that they lost they got 3 points.

News 21.12.2012

The Bears are back in 1st place after victory in Znojmo

For Bouchard this was his debut game in the blue jersey and in the Erste Bank Hockey League.

News 21.12.2012

Vučinić: We've already expressed everything about Zanoški

Interview 19.12.2012

Bouchard: I'd like to win a title with the Bears

Francois Bouchard will have his debut in Medveščak jersey number 16 this weekend.

News 18.12.2012

Bears defeat Innsbruck, Kristan gets shutout

Goalie Robert Kristan got his third shutout of the season.

News 18.12.2012

Dustin Jeffrey extends his contract with Medveščak

News 18.12.2012

Francois Bouchard to enter the den

This will be Bouchard's debut (half)season on European ice - in the Erste Bank Hockey League.

News 17.12.2012

Fans design bears' jersey for Arena Zagreb games

For the first time in the history of the Medveščak fans can take part in designing the club's yersey

Announcements 17.12.2012

Greentree: Must put doubt in the minds of Innsbruck players

For the weekend the Bears are setting off for Znojmo on Friday, and then Vienna on Sunday.

News 14.12.2012

Bears get two points in Dornbirn and second victory in a row

This is the Bears' second victory in Dornbirn, and their third against the team in total.

Announcements 13.12.2012

Kostović: We can't underestimate Dornbirn

This will be the Bears' second visit in Dornbirn, and the third face off between the two teams.

News 13.12.2012

Geoff Waugh's jersey sold for 3000 kn at charity event

This humanitarian event was supported by Geoff Waugh of KHL Medveščak Zagreb.

News 13.12.2012

Tom Zanoški leaving Medveščak

News 10.12.2012

In January Bears in Arena, Olimpija at Bežigrad stadium

From January 13-17th the second part of this season's Arena Ice Fever is scheduled.

News 10.12.2012

Charitable Christmas fan gathering

In the lobby of Ledena Dvorana there will be photos of Medveščak players for sale.

News 10.12.2012

Dennis Bozic is League's 3rd best young player in November

This is the twenty-two year old Swede with Croatian roots' premiere season in the blue jersey.

News 09.12.2012

Bears victorious against Alba, Kristan gets shutout

The Bears' next game is on Friday in Dornbirn against the club of the same name.

Announcements 08.12.2012

Zanoški: We can't allow Alba to pull us into their game

This Sunday after two away games versus Villach and Olimpija, the Bears return to Dom Sportova.

News 07.12.2012

The Bears take a point from Olimpija

The match in Tivoli Hall went into overtime, and in the end the monitor displayed 3:2 for Olimpija.

News 07.12.2012

Bears and Unicef in holiday action: Greetings full of life

UNICEF and Medveščak have produced a limited edition holiday greeting card.

News 06.12.2012

MacAulay: We will give our all to win in Ljubljana

The Bears have faced-off with the Little Dragons twice this season.

News 02.12.2012

EC VSV vs KHL Medveščak 11:2

KHL Medveščak Zagreb has lost the guest match played in Villach against EC VSV with 11:2.

News 29.11.2012

Missed the Bears` Teddy Bear Toss? Check out the video!

The Teddy Bear Toss raised 5124 teddy bears which will be donated to children`s homes.

News 27.11.2012

The Bears without points, but raised 5124 teddy bears

After Jeffrey's goal teddy bears started flying to ice from the spectator stands of Dom Sportova.

Announcements 26.11.2012

Buck: Four points in three away games are a big thing for us

This will be the second game in Zagreb for 99ers this season, while the Bears played in Graz twice.

News 25.11.2012

The Bears lost against the current champions in Linz

After three away games the Bears will shortly return to Ledena Dvorana of Dom Sportova.

Announcements 24.11.2012

Coach: I`m impressed with our team`s performance in Salzburg

The game in Linz is on Sunday, and it will be the second away game in Donauhall for the Bears.

News 24.11.2012

Red Bull down, first place for the Bears

The Bears remained disciplined in Salzburg, scored six consecutive goals (2:6) and took two points.

Announcements 22.11.2012

Raymond: Victories in away games - a good sign for playoffs

Forward Dario Kostović will miss the 24th round game of EBEL between Medveščak and Red Bull.

News 22.11.2012

Teddy Bears for children's homes in Croatia

Stuffed toy toss (teddy bears) should occur after the Zagreb Bears score their first goal.

News 21.11.2012

Kostović suspended for one game

This season Kostović has played 21 games, scored four goals and two assists.

News 21.11.2012

Heroes of AIF: It was unpredictable and beautiful in Arena

News 21.11.2012

Medveščak and Fleet Rent-a-car signed a sponsorship contract

At the ceremony were present Medveščak's players Kyle Greentree and Curtis Fraser.

News 20.11.2012

Miller and Jeffrey destroyed KAC in Klagenfurt

A small hint about how the game would end, was Jeffrey's goal only 51 seconds into the game.

News 20.11.2012

Dustin Jeffrey will remain in the Bears' den

Jeffrey's new contract has prolonged his stay in Medveščak till December 23rd.

News 19.11.2012

The Bears joined the campaign Students for Students

Waugh's jersey will be auctioned during a donation evening on December 6th.

Announcements 19.11.2012

Martinović: We want three victories, but two would be a plus

After three home games, this week the Bears have a short Austrian tour.

News 19.11.2012

Members of Medveščak Kids Club ice skated with players

The youngest fans of the Bears enjoyed Haribo candies, Frank chips, Jana and sodas from Vindija.

News 18.11.2012

The Bears keep the first position, shutout for Kristan

The last game of the first part of the AIF was dedicated to Croatian bomb disposal teams.

Announcements 17.11.2012

Vedlin: Defense is our biggest advantage against Red Bull

Geoff Waugh received a one-game-suspension from the Department of Player Safty.

News 16.11.2012

The Bears on top of EBEL for the first time

During the game many Croatian flags were in the air because Croatian generals were liberated...

Interview 15.11.2012

Jeffrey: I don`t see myself as a star

News 15.11.2012

Arena games dedicated to the blind and visually impaired

On the first AIF game the honour of throwing the first puck went to heroine Mira Katalenić.

News 14.11.2012

Winners of campaign stop bullying opened AIF

Pupils from Elementary and High School together played and sang anthem "Zig Zag Medveščak"

News 14.11.2012

The Bears lost against Olimpija, but kept the 2nd position

The first puck in this season's AIF game was thrown by Mira Katalenić.

News 14.11.2012

The Bears support the Positive Concert

Medveščak has readily accepted to provide support for HUHIV, and Positive Concert.

Announcements 13.11.2012

Waugh: It would be great to win the Arena games as well

Zanoški is the only player of Medveščak who has luck with scoring in all home halls and open rinks.

News 12.11.2012

Huculak, Leavitt and Hebar are leaving Medveščak

KHL Medveščak thanks the players for their game and cooperation.

News 12.11.2012

Ice Fever is arriving - AIF starts soon!

This season the Zagreb ice boys will reside in Arena two times and play altogether eight games.

News 10.11.2012

The Bears picked up their Citroën pets

Citroën has been a proud sponsor of Medveščak since 2010.

News 09.11.2012

The Bears met season ticket subscribers in Arena Zagreb

The atmosphere in Arena Zagreb was warmed up by goalie Michael Ouzas or, better said, DJ Snouze.

News 09.11.2012

The Bears at promotional sale of tickets for AIF

During the promotional sale all present fans had a chance to spend some time with players.

News 08.11.2012

Complaint of Graz rejected, Medveščak keeps the victory

The Law Comission concluded after viewing the recording that Greentree didn't earn the penalty.

News 08.11.2012

Ouzas: I don't want to miss games in Arena Zagreb

The first part of the Pan Arena Ice Fever is scheduled for next week, from November 14th to 18th.

News 07.11.2012

The ice for the Pan Arena Ice Fever is being placed

The Bears will play their first game in Arena this season on Wednesday November 14th.

News 06.11.2012

The Bears in the first 19 rounds of EBEL

The Bears had the best start of the season since they in 2009/2010 started playing in EBEL.

News 05.11.2012

Michael Ouzas out for two weeks because of injury

News 04.11.2012

The Bears in Graz won the rematch and 9th consecutive game

The Bears and Grazers played a difficult game before the break for national team games.

News 03.11.2012

Fraser: We are ready for a rematch in Graz

The Bears after three home games have one more away game.

News 02.11.2012

The Bears broke the record - eight victory in a row

After the game the musicians of Zlatni Vez came to the ice and played "Serbus dragi Zagreb moj.

News 02.11.2012

Moustache November in the den of Zagreb Bears

By entering this campaign the Bears want to support the Croatian League against Cancer.

Announcements 01.11.2012

Serich: We would like to continue the winning streak

Defenseman Andy Sertich came to the Bears` Den in 2009.

News 30.10.2012

Game no. 200 for Sertich, the winning streak continues

Sertich skated into the ice with a jersey on his arm and no. 200 written on it.

Announcements 29.10.2012

Zanoški: We shouldn`t underestimate Znojmo

In the last four games the Bears scored even 20 goals, while they received only five.

News 28.10.2012

The Bears broke Villach with five goals, hat trick for Buck

Buck got an ovation from the fans after the second and third score.

Announcements 27.10.2012

Raymond: Jeffrey brought some fire into the team

The victory against Black Wings kept the Bears third in the rankings.

News 26.10.2012

The Bears broke the champions and won third time in a row

This is the third game in a row in which the forwards of Medveščak scored five goals.

Announcements 25.10.2012

Naglich: With Greentree and Jeffrey anyone would score

Greentree, Jeffrey and Naglich are on the right track towards becoming the fearless offensive line.

News 23.10.2012

The Bears won fourth time in a row

In the 60th minute Dario Kostović definitely secured the victory by scoring in the empty net.

News 22.10.2012

Perkovich: We expect two points in the game against Alba

In the last two games 196 cm tall Medveščak`s forward ensured three points.

News 19.10.2012

The Bears with 5 goals defeated Innsbruck, shutout for Ouzas

The players of Medveščak managed to defend their goal in all seven shorthanded situations.

News 17.10.2012

KHL Medveščak at Sporto conference in November

This year the representatives of KHL Medveščak Zagreb will participate in the Sporto conference.

News 14.10.2012

The Bears won two points in Dornbirn, two goals for Jeffrey

The Bears have actively joined the campaign in the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Announcements 13.10.2012

Ouzas: Shutout will come sooner or later

In Dornbirn the Bears will play without the ill Robert Kristan and hurt Gal Koren and Alex Leavitt.

News 12.10.2012

Medveščak raised 5000 kn for association Everything For Her

The Bears have actively joined the campaign in the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

News 12.10.2012

The Bears celebrated 2:1 vs Znojmo

The Bears have actively joined the campaign in the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

News 12.10.2012

The Bears and Blitz CineStar together again this season

This season again the hockey players of Medveščak will continue their friendship with CineStar.

Announcements 11.10.2012

The Bears with Dustin Jeffrey chase two points vs Znojmo

Jeffrey immediately clicked with the players in the forward line.

News 10.10.2012

NHL player Dustin Jeffrey thanks to pan a new Bear's forward

Jeffrey has decided to play in Zagreb and will be wearing KHL Medveščak jersey with number 21.

News 09.10.2012

The Bears support fundraising activity Solidarity at Work

The raised money will be used to help fellow citizens in the Solidarity Week.

Announcements 08.10.2012

Letang: We expect at least 10 points till the IIHF break

Only seven games are left before the first break for national team games.

News 07.10.2012

The Bears lost against the Caps in Vienna

Medveščak didn`t win any points in the 10th round, but despite that remained on the sixth position.

News 06.10.2012

The Bears and fans in Zig Zag Fan Shop

The Bears` fans had a chance to buy Medveščak`s T-shirts at exceptionally good prices.

News 06.10.2012

Miller: Brine scored in Graz, i am still waiting

Unlike Miller, who is still waiting to break the ice with goals, this is the second one for Brine.

News 06.10.2012

The Bears supported the association Everything For Her!

As a sign of support, the Bears will in October, wear pink laces on their ice skates.

News 05.10.2012

A point for the Bears in Graz

The Bears dedicated the point they struggled for to their fans in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

News 05.10.2012

Pink laces on ice skates of Medveščak's hockey players

This year the Bears will join the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

News 04.10.2012

Sertich: We will have to limit Vanek's shots

The game in Graz will be one of the more difficult ones for the Bears.

News 02.10.2012

Blagus: Because of my studies i decided to play only EBYSL

Medveščak's No. 66 played three EBEL and three EBYSL games this season.

News 30.09.2012

Bears defeated Linz and took two points

The Bears came back to Dom sportova after three weeks and rewarded their fans with a 3:1 victory.

Announcements 29.09.2012

Hebar: Some dirty goals are in order vs Linz

The Black Wings have three victories and four defeats after seven games.

News 28.09.2012

Bears expectedly earned two points in Innsbruck

The Bears scored five goals.

Interview 27.09.2012

Greentree: We mustn't underestimate Innsbruck

The 28-year-old Canadian joined the Bears a day before the season started and is still adapting...

News 24.09.2012

Tom Zanoški's foundation ''10 goals''

The fist campaign of his private foundation will be free tickets for Medveščak's games.

News 23.09.2012

Bears lost the game in Villach

The Zagreb shieldmen have another away game on Friday, in Innsbruck.

Announcements 22.09.2012

Raymond: We must be satisfied with a point from Klagenfurt

After five rounds the Bears are in the seventh place in the EBEL rankings with six points.

News 22.09.2012

Zagreb Bears in big campaign against HPV

The goal of the campaign was to warn young women in Croatia that HPV can happen to everyone.

News 21.09.2012

The Bears take one point in Klagenfurt

This was the second away game for the Bears this season.

Announcements 20.09.2012

Sertich: I expect a clean game in Klagenfurt

After a hard weekend, the Bears had a free day to charge their batteries for the next game.

News 18.09.2012

Mikela Ristoski and Marko Čalić - heroes of Pula Arena

Ristoski threw the first puck on Friday, while Čalić had the same opportunity on the Memorial game.

News 16.09.2012

Bears visited Home for Children and Youth Pula

The children and young people prepared many surprises for the Bears.

News 16.09.2012

Gojanović: The only thing on my mind were the fans

To the president of KHL Medveščak this has been the longest week of his life.

News 16.09.2012

Bears closed Pula AIF with victory against Caps

The Bears finished the historic spectacle in the Pula Arena with a 4:1 victory against Vienna.

News 15.09.2012

GazpromExport veterans won against Medveščak veterans

The exhibition game was opened by jugglers performing fire ball stunts.

News 15.09.2012

Martinović: I wouldn`t trade Pula Arena for anything

The second game of the AIF Pula will be played on Sunday at 8:30 PM against Vienna.

News 15.09.2012

Bears presented Arena Ice Fever Pula MMXII seal

At the presentation were present the players of Medveščak Blagus, Huculak, Vedlin and Hebar.

News 14.09.2012

Bears played a historic game in the Pula Arena!

However, regardless of the defeat, there was an exceptional atmosphere in the Arena.

News 13.09.2012

Bears amazed by the Pula Arena

The historic hockey spectacle AIF Pula can begin! The Croatian gladiators have arrived to Pula!

News 12.09.2012

Spectacle in Pula Arena can be surpassed only by EBEL title

The historic hockey spectacle which was only a rumor in May is upon us.

News 09.09.2012

Medveščak vs Red Bull 1:2

Medveščak has lost the home match played in Dom sportova against EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:2.

Announcements 08.09.2012

Raymond: We need to play a disciplined game against Salzburg

While Ouzas played in first away game, Kristan will play his first minutes in Dom sportova.

News 07.09.2012

Bears return from Szekesfehervar with a win

Next game is on Sunday when Bears host Red Bull Salzburg in Dom Sportova.

News 06.09.2012

Ice spectacles accompanied by a rich programme

AIF Pula is not only going to be a hockey spectacle, it will also have a rich accompanying programme

News 06.09.2012

KHL Medveščak Zagreb and TELE2 celebrate the partnership

The players Leavitt, Buck and Šijan have given Mrs. Holmberg a Medveščak jersey with number 95.

Announcements 06.09.2012

The Bears: Ready to face the challenge against Alba Volan

The Bears played six pre-season preparation games and registered five wins.

News 03.09.2012

Kyle Greentree - new Medveščak forward

During the season 2012/2013 Greentree will play for the Bears in a number 6 jersey.

News 31.08.2012

Pula Arena to host another hockey game

Tickets for the Ferdo Spajić Memorial game in Pula Arena on September 15th will be free of charge.

News 29.08.2012

The Bears celebrate against Olimpija with 3:1

This was their fifth victory in the preseason out of six games played.

Interview 28.08.2012

Brandon Buck: We have a team with winner's character

News 27.08.2012

Preseason game of the Bears and Olimpija in Dom Sportova

The Zagreb Bears will play a preparation game in Zagreb before the new EBEL season against Olimpija.

News 26.08.2012

Medveščak records a loss in Ravensburg

This was the fifth preseason game for the Bears.

News 25.08.2012

A win for the Bears against Innsbruck

KHL Medveščak Zagreb has successfully gone through another preseason game.

News 23.08.2012

The Bears in Innsbruck and Ravesnburg for the weekend

This weekend the Bears will face two more preseason games.

News 22.08.2012

Andrej Vasiljević leaves for Slovakian HK 36 Skalica U20

Vasiljević was the third goalie of Medveščak since the season 2009/2010.

News 22.08.2012

Medveščak presents the team in hotel Regant Esplanada

This will be the fourth season with the Bears for captain Alan Letang.

News 21.08.2012

Dominik Kanaet leaves for Slovakian MHC Martin

Kanaet has played 127 games in the last three seasons wearing the Medveščak jersey.

News 19.08.2012

The Bears won Summer league Rudi Hiti

These were the first tests on ice for the Bears before the 2012/2013 EBEL season.

News 18.08.2012

The Bears beat VSV, Acroni Jesenice await in finals

The Bears will in the finals take on Acroni Jesenice, two time winners of Summer league.

News 17.08.2012

Zanoški: Game against Villach will be a good test for us

Medveščak expects their second preseason test on Saturday on Bled at 7:30 pm - EC VSV.

News 16.08.2012

The Bears beat Stavanger in their first preseason game

This was the first preparation game for the Bears for EBEL season 2012/2013.

News 15.08.2012

The Bears at the premiere of Wonders of Croatia documentary

Announcements 15.08.2012

Raymond: This season our team will have depth

The Bears expect their first preparation games at the end of the week as a part of Summer League.

Interview 14.08.2012

Vedlin: I'm proud to be wearing Medveščak's jersey again

Slovenian defenseman Domen Vedlin sensed he would be returning to Medveščak one day.

News 13.08.2012

First tests for the Bears on Bled

Teams will be divided into two groups, A and B.

Interview 08.08.2012

Curtis Fraser: I hope i'll live up to coach's expectations

For the last month 30-year-old forward was on the ice four to five times a week, skating, shooting.

News 06.08.2012

Schedule of KHL Medveščak Zagreb preseason games

The Bears will play their first preseason games in Slovenia.

News 01.08.2012

Andrej Hebar and Eddie Del Grosso on a try-out in Medveščak

Interview 30.07.2012

Kostović: I'm happy that i'm staying in Medveščak

Five goals by Kostović, five victories of the Bears.

News 28.07.2012

Ouzas paints new helmet with motives of Pula and Zagreb Arenas

Medveščak's number 40 is now completely ready to return to the Bears' den.

News 27.07.2012

Forward Felix Petit looking for a place among the Bears

Canadian forward playing a center is coming for a try-out.

Interview 24.07.2012

Brine: I'm recharged and looking forward to return to Zagreb

In the regular part of the last season Brine scored 23 points.

News 20.07.2012

Another big reward for Medveščak

Sporto conference is the biggest event of this kind in the region.

News 19.07.2012

Captain Alan Letang extended his contract with the Bears

In the past three seasons, Letang played in 164 games for Medveščak, including the playoffs.

News 13.07.2012

Defenseman Domen Vedlin once again with the Bears

For the last 2 seasons Vedlin played in EBEL where he collected 117 games.

Interview 10.07.2012

Blagus - Šijan - Kanaet - Koren quartet stays in the den

We visited modern age Medveščak's rascals in their respective gyms.

News 06.07.2012

Brandon Buck is new center player for Medvescak

Buck tried his luck last season in going overseas and signed a contract with Sparta Sarpsborg.

Interview 04.07.2012

Miller: I'm a team player carrying a lot of speed in my legs

Adam Miller will wear a number 81 jersey in Medveščak.

News 02.07.2012

Forward Liam Huculak on a trial period with the Bears

If Huculak manages to obtain a contract, this will be a premier season in Europe for him.

News 27.06.2012

Naglich extends the contract: There weren't any dilemmas

Only a couple of weeks separate the Bears from gathering in Croatian capital.

News 22.06.2012

Game schedule in EBEL season 2012/2013

Each team will play 44 games in the regular part of the season...

Interview 13.06.2012

Waugh stays in the den: I hope for a long playoff and title

Waugh joined the Bears last season thanks to action by PAN and the club called Kuna for a Bear.

Interview 11.06.2012

Perkovich: I can't wait for the first game in Zagreb

News 06.06.2012

Forward Anthony Yelovich signs a contract with Medveščak

In season 2008/2009 Yelovich begun playing for Sacred Heart University team.

News 28.05.2012

Another center arrives in the Bears' den - Adam Miller

Overall during 4 seasons in ECHL Miller played in 206 games in the regular part of the championship.

News 24.05.2012

Curtis Fraser is the new reinforcement in the Bears' den

Canadian player Curtis Fraser is the new offensive reinforcement of the Bears for the next season.

News 23.05.2012

Dornbirn and Innsbruck new clubs in EBEL, Jesenice on hold

First EBEL game of season 2012/2013 is scheduled for September 7th, 2012.

News 23.05.2012

Mario Sertić goes to Francais Volants Paris

This Zagreb-born has signed a one-year contract, and he'll move to the city of lovers in August.

Interview 21.05.2012

Sertich and MacAulay: It's hard to imagine playing elsewhere

Kenny and Andy came to Medveščak without much knowledge of where they're heading.

Interview 15.05.2012

Martinović: My wish is that we repeat the past season

Defenseman Martinović will continue to be a member of the Bears in the next season as well.

News 11.05.2012

Kinasewich goes to Salzburg

Kinasewich came to Medveščak in 2010/2011 from the ECHL club Utah Grizzlies.

News 11.05.2012

Nathan Perkovich with the Zagreb Bears as well

Pekovich will carry Medveščak's jersey with number 74 in his premier European season.

Interview 08.05.2012

Leavitt: I like coach Raymond's plan for next season

Alex Leavitt can be proud with ECHL, CHL and 2nd Bundesliga titles.

Interview 02.05.2012

Ouzas extends contract with the Bears: I was hoping to stay

To Ouzas 2011/2012 was the premier season in EBEL.

Interview 27.04.2012

Prpic: I could write a book about my great 3 seasons

Medvescak forward Prpic has decided to say farewell to professional hockey and to hang the skates!

News 26.04.2012

Congratulations to Dynamo Moscow for winning the Gagarin Cup

News 23.04.2012

Alex Leavitt - a player in charge of goals and assists

In the last season Leavitt tried out the Finnish ice playing in top league SM-Liiga for HPK.

Interview 20.04.2012

Bozic: I expect a lot out of my Zagreb story

In the last three seasons Bozic played for Oskarshamn, Västeras, Sundsvall, Linköping and MODO.

News 06.04.2012

Dennis Bozic - new Medveščak defenseman

During the season 2012/2013 Dennis Bozic will play for the Bears in a number 13 jersey.

News 04.04.2012

Tom Zanoški extends the contract with the Bears

Zanoški in just finished EBEL season in which he played 58 games he scored 19 goals.

News 27.12.2011

Morency loses season, Medvescak lose a great player

The player will spend recovery in Croatia.

News 19.12.2011

Morency injured and off the ice until further notice

It is assumed that the recovery will last and the player will have to miss out most of the season's

News 19.12.2011

Morency's condition stable, remains off the ice

The player will have to miss a large part of the season, particularly the playoffs.