Interview 17.08.2017

Rosandić: "It's great to work with Kroselj"

Medvescak players were satisfied with the result of their first preseason game against HC Lyon.

High tempo in the preseason camp started paying of for Medvescak in their first preseason game against Lyon. French team already played two games in the preseason.

The Bears were a better side in the first and third period, but the second period belonged to Lyon. Players were happy with the win and we first spoke to Sašo Rajsar.

"You can see that they already played few preseason games, and for us it was tougher to come from training and play a game. When you win, you are always happy and we can be satisfied with goals that we scored. We had a lot of chances and scored just two goals which will be challenging for us in the future", said the Slovenian who praised Medvescak goalies.

"Kroselj was very safe in the first period. The decision in the locker room was to play tough in the defence to make it easier for Gasper. He had two or three great saves and I can only praise the two goalies", continued Rajsar who was replaced by young goalie Vilim Rosandic who made his debut for Medvescak against Lyon.

"I was at the goal only for one period and didn't have to face so many shots, but my job is simple, and that's to defend our goal", started Rosandic who had some great saves. He spoke very highly of his partnership with Gasper Kroselj.

"We just started training together, but it is a pleasure to learn from him. Goalies always have to be great colleagues and we have a great coach with whom we will work very hard and I can't wait for that", said Rosandic, but he wasn't the only satisfied with the win. David Brine who returned to the Den this year also had a fond memory of the game in Maribor.

"We played really great, it was a good start to the preseason and we need to work on some things before the season starts. We showed great character by scoring a late winner", concluded Brine and Rajsar explained why were Lyon players so nervous at th end.

"They have a lot of Canadian players, they have a tough style of play and we didn't get used to it already because we don't do that in training. Maybe we will play like that through the season, but today we showed our quality." 

EBEL 2017./2018.
no. Club GP W L pts
1 Vienna 19 15 3 46
2 Linz 20 10 6 35
3 KAC 20 11 8 35
4 Red Bull 20 10 9 32
5 Innsbruck 20 8 9 29
6 VSV 20 7 9 27
7 Graz 99ers 20 8 10 27
8 Medvescak 18 7 7 27
9 Fehervar AV19 20 6 10 26
10 Znojmo 20 6 9 25
11 Dornbirner 19 6 9 23
12 Foxes 20 6 11 22
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