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Bear Hunt(gary)

Reports 26.01.2019.
Bear Hunt(gary)

The Bears had a bad start to the match when just after 1:32 Luttinen scored the first goal of the game after assists from Koskiranta and Caruso.

After that, the home team kept being the dominant one and it paid off when at 4:31 Phillips scored. Reisz and Sarpatki got the assist on it.

The pressure from the home team continued and after 11 minutes Tikkanen extended the lead to three goals. Stipsicz and Phillips with the assists.

Not much more happened after that goal in the period and it ended 3:0.

The second period started off as bad as the first one for the Bears when just 1:54 in, the former Bear Koskiranta made it 4:0.

The same player then made it 5:0 after 5:20 played in the period. Sarpatki and Sofron assisted on both his goals.

With 7:38 played Meland got called for High Sticking and the Bears got a power play but couldn't use it.

Hari punished them for it just 21 seconds after the power play ended when he scored on a breakaway when Caruso with a good pass sent him 1on1 with Filipec and the Hungarian slotted it into the net. This also prompted the change in goal and Nikolić replaced Filipec.

Not even 2 minutes later with 11:20 played Reisz made the gap 7 goals when Harty and Phillips assisted his goal.

Sarpatki then added the fifth of the period after 14:46 played. Phillips got the assist again along with Tikkanen.

The Bears managed to create a few good chances but, in the end, couldn’t finish it the way they wanted.

The period ended with a score of 8:0.

The Bears made a bad start to the periods a tradition when 1:25 in it Sofron scored and made it 9:0. Luttinen and Meland with the assists on this early goal.

The same player then added 10th goal after 10:19 played in the period. Caruso and Luttinen assisted on what would be the last goal of the game.

Nikolić made some good saves after to keep the game at 10.

The Bears fought hard but in the end were unable to match the home team.

Huge thank you goes to the fans who showed respect after the match as they joined with the phenomenal travelling Bears fans in chanting “Medveščak Zagreb”. THANK YOU! Video here


FÉHÉRVAR AV 19 : KHL MEDVEŠČAK ZAGREB 10:0 (3:0, 5:0, 2:0)


1:0          01:32     AVS        Luttinen A. (Koskiranta T., Caruso M./EQ)
2:0          04:31     AVS        Phillips Z. (Reisz A., Sarpatki T./EQ)
3:0          11:00     AVS        Tikkanen H. (Stipsicz B., Phillips Z./EQ)
4:0          21:54     AVS        Koskiranta T. (Sarpatki T., Sofron I./EQ)
5:0          25:20     AVS        Koskiranta T. (Sarpatki T., Sofron I./EQ)
6:0          29:59     AVS        Hari J. (Caruso M./EQ)
7:0          31:20     AVS        Reisz A. (Harty J., Phillips Z./EQ)
8:0          34:46     AVS        Sarpatki T. (Phillips Z., Tikkanen H./EQ)
9:0          41:25     AVS        Sofron I. (Luttinen A., Meland E./EQ)
10:0        50:19     AVS        Sofron I. (Caruso M., Luttinen A./EQ)


Shots: 54:22

Penalty minutes: 2:0



Kornakker (Carruth); Harty, Szabo, Erdely, Hari, Kuralt; Caruso, Meland, Luttinen, Koskiranta, Sofron; Stipsicz, Tikkanen, Sarpatki, Reisz, Phillips; Wishart


Filipec, Nikolić; Robar, Jacmenjak, Vedlin, Brenčun, Mikulić; Tadić, Čepon, Luka Jarčov, Simšič, Janković; Senzel, Ćurčić, Paulović, Burazin


Photo: Soós Attila, Fehérvár AV19

Video: Fehérvár Facebook