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Björn swan song

Reports 13.01.2019.
Björn swan song

The match started in a positive way for the Bears when after 3:49 Großlercher was called for hooking.

But the power play didn't go well for the Bears when just a minute and ten seconds into it DeSousa opened the scoring after an assist from a former Bear Olden.

The score didn't remain the same for long when after 6:40 Tessier extended the gap to two goals after Holzapfel and Peter assisted on his goal.

Just a minute and eight seconds later Schneider made it 0:3. Nödl and Dorion grabbed the assists on this goal.

Capitals controlled the rest of the period getting more chances. The Bears got a chance to get back into the game when Großlercher took a penalty for tripping but couldn't make use of it.

The teams went into the locker rooms at 0:3 for the visitors.

Capitals started the second period well when after 3:19 Hartl made it 0:4 after an assist from Clark.

The visitors kept getting chances and got rewarded when Tessier scored with 10:07 played. Holzapfel and Wukovits got the assists.

The Bears just couldn't find rhythm and Capitals used it well. Vause scored just 3:51 after their last goal. DeSousa and Olden got the assists.

Not even a minute later the score was 0:7 after Wall scored when Schneider and Nödl got the assists.

The Capitals dominated the second period and the score didn’t change until the break.

Capitals came out firing again at the start of the third. Just 3:54 into the period former Bear Olden got a goal now to match his two assists. Holzapfel and Birnbaum with the assists.

Capitals got a chance to extend the lead on the power play when Filip Jarčov had to go into the penalty box for tripping. The Bears managed to kill off the power play.

But they were short when after 10:13 Schneider got his second of the game with Wall and Dorion getting the assists. Wall and Holzapfel with the assists.

The Bears looked to go down a man short but Großlercher scored and made it 0:10 on the delayed penalty call with Fischer and Dorion getting the assists.

This prompted a change in the goal when Mikulić replaced Filipec.

The Bears took a penalty 5 seconds later with Vedlin tripping a player, but they managed to kill it off.

After 14:50 gone in the third Tessier extended the massive lead even more with assists from DeSousa and Vause.

This seemed to have opened the floodgates a bit when just 33 seconds later Hartl scored. Romig and Großlercher with the assists on this one.

The last, 13th, goal came when Holzapfel scored after 16:40 played in the third. Fischer and Olden assisted on the goal.

The Bears suffered a heavy defeat, but the fans had a chance to thank Björn Svensson who played his last match as a Bear.

The team would like to thank Björn for his time at the club. In 34 EBEL matches, he got 5 goals and 15 points, adding to that with an assist in 3 Continental Cup matches.

We would like to wish Björn good luck for the future and we wish him all the best!

Björn had this to say after the game on the game and it being the last one. "I was just focused on the game, I try to take it one game at a time and do as good as possible. The last 10 minutes I felt it was my last game. Today was tough, Vienna is a lot more effective than we, the score was a little too much for me to think it was okay."




0:1          04:59     VIC         DeSousa C. (Olden S./SH)
0:2          06:40     VIC         Tessier K. (Holzapfel R., Peter P./EQ)
0:3          07:48     VIC         Schneider P. (Nödl A., Dorion M./EQ)
0:4          23:19     VIC         Hartl N. (Clark M./EQ)
0:5          30:07     VIC         Tessier K. (Holzapfel R., Wukovits A./EQ)
0:6          33:58     VIC         Vause T. (DeSousa C., Olden S./EQ)
0:7          34:50     VIC         Wall A. (Schneider P., Nödl A./EQ)
0:8          43:54     VIC         Olden S. (Holzapfel R., Birnbaum L./EQ)
0:9          50:13     VIC         Schneider P. (Wall A., Holzapfel R./EQ)
0:10        51:47     VIC         Großlercher J. (Fischer M., Dorion M./EQ)
0:11        54:50     VIC         Tessier K. (DeSousa C., Vause T./EQ)
0:12        55:23     VIC         Hartl N. (Romig E., Großlercher J./EQ)
0:13        56:40     VIC         Holzapfel R. (Fischer M., Olden S./EQ)

Shots: 20:61

Penalty minutes: 6:4



Filipec, Ivan Mikulić; Robar, Senzel, Svensson, Fičur, Luka Jarčov; Čepon, Tadić, Zanoški, Simšič, Janković; Vedlin, Srketić, Mirić, Filip Jarčov, Miličić; Kegalj, Sertić, Buković, Brenčun, Luka Mikulić


Starkbaum (Lamoureux); Wall, Clark, Wukovits, Holzapfel, Tessier; Fischer, Dorion, DeSousa, Vause, Olden; Birnbaum, Peter, Nödl, Nissner, Schneider; Romig, Großlercher, Hartl

Photo: Dorian Granatir