Reports 12.01.2019

10 bites from Bulldogs

The Bears lose 2:10 to the Dornbirn Bulldogs

Dornbirn took the lead early when after 2:21 Pulli opened the scoring with assists from Haberl and Neubauer.

After that, both teams had chances though Dornbirn had a bit more of an advantage.

This then resulted in a goal when with 9:35 played Dupont made it a two-goal difference. Magnan and Trotter got the assists.

The Bears then later a got a power play when after 15:59 Häußle was called for hooking. But just after a minute it became 4on4 when Jacmenjak tripped a Bulldog.

Then it got worse because 44 seconds later Čepon was called for high sticking. Dornbirn had a short 4on3 and then 5on3 power play but the Bears defended it well.

At the start of the second Dornbirn got chances early but even the Bears had a big one where two of them went up against Rinne but Zanoški couldn't score.

Dornbirn extended the lead after 5:47 with O'Donnell getting his first of the game as Trotter and Gauthier Leduc grabbed the assists.

3:01 later the Bears got a power play when Neubauer had to go to the penalty box for hooking.

The Bears didn't use the power play and paid a dear price. Within 53 seconds Dornbirn struck three times. 31:20 Pöschmann scored with Timmins and Reid getting the assists. 39 seconds later the captain Magnan with Dupont and Trotter and 14 seconds later Gauthier Leduc with McNeill and Häußle getting the assists.

It got worse for the Bears when at 14:01 O'Donnell scored his second of the game. This one assisted by Dupont and Connelly.

O'Donnell wasn't done because 2:41 later he completed his hat trick with a goal assisted by Trotter and Dupont.

The Bears got a glimmer of hope when Pulli had to go into the penalty box with 18:22 played. That didn't work well for the Bears when O'Donnell scored his fourth shorthanded. Connelly and Dupont with the assists. The Bears even managed to get the puck into the net but the goal was waived off for kicking the puck.

The Bears started the third on the power play but couldn’t convert it.

The Bears got another shot when after 53 seconds Magnan had to go into the box for interference.

The Bears converted on a power play when after a minute and four seconds of it Simšič scored. The Bears goal assisted by Zanoški and Janković.

The happiness of the Bears didn't last long when after 4:22 in the third Neubauer made it 10 for Bulldogs. Magnan and Häußle with the assists.

The Bears later in the period got a power play chance when Häußle was called for tripping after 9:51. This chance became 5on3 when McNeill cross-checked a player after 11:23 played. The Bears used this chance well when just 16 seconds into 5on3 captain Zanoški scored the second of the period for the Bears. Robar and Svensson grabbed the assists.

The game didn't offer much action after that, only when with 51 seconds left Mirić was called for tripping but the Bulldogs didn't score on the short power play and the game ended 2:10.

The Bears face Capitals next on Sunday at 17:30.




0:1          02:21     DEC        Pulli J. (Haberl D., Neubauer H./EQ)
0:2          09:35     DEC        Dupont B. (Magnan O., Trotter B./EQ)
0:3          25:47     DEC        O'Donnell B. (Trotter B., Gauthier Leduc J./EQ)
0:4          31:20     DEC        Pöschmann P. (Timmins S., Reid B./EQ)
0:5          31:59     DEC        Magnan O. (Dupont B., Trotter B./EQ)
0:6          32:13     DEC        Gauthier Leduc J. (McNeill R., Häußle S./EQ)
0:7          34:01     DEC        O'Donnell B. (Dupont B., Connelly B./EQ)
0:8          36:42     DEC        O'Donnell B. (Trotter B., Dupont B./EQ)
0:9          38:51     DEC        O'Donnell B. (Connelly B., Dupont B./SH)
1:9          41:57     MZA      Simsic N. (Zanoski T., Jankovic I./PP)
1:10        44:22     DEC        Neubauer H. (Magnan O., Häußle S./EQ)
2:10        51:39     MZA      Zanoski T. (Robar M., Svensson B./PP)


Shots: 31:48

Penalty minutes: 6:12



Filipec, Mikulić Ivan; Jacmenjak, Robar, Svensson, Fičur, Luka Jarčov; Čepon, Senzel, Zanoški, Simšič, Janković; Vedlin, Tadić, Mirić, Milicić, Mikulić Luka; Srketić, Kegalj, Buković, Brenčun, Filip Jarčov


Rinne (Stroj); Magnan, Gauthier Leduc, O'Donnell, Dupont, Trotter; McNeill, Connelly, Pöschmann, Timmins, Reid; Pulli, Vallant, Haberl, Häußle, Neubauer; Wolf

Photo: Dorian Granatir

no. Club GP W L pts
1 Graz 99ers 44 23 11 87
2 Vienna 44 24 10 87
3 EC KAC Klagenfurt 44 22 12 83
4 EC Red Bull Salzburg 44 21 14 76
5 HCB 44 22 14 76
6 Fehervar AV19 44 19 14 74
7 Linz 44 20 17 69
8 Dornbirner 44 17 18 62
9 HC Orli Znojmo 44 19 21 62
10 Innsbruck 44 13 19 59
11 VSV 44 8 29 36
12 KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb 44 6 35 21