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Bears ate Sharks!

Reports 14.01.2018.
Bears ate Sharks!

In the 39th round game of the regional EBEL league, Medveščak hockey players beat Innsbruck 9:3 (4:0, 1:2, 4:1) at the Ice Hall.

Zagreb Bears and Innsbruck Sharks continued the tradition for the season. In 3 duels so far the host team always won, Austrians twice and Medveščak once. In the 4th duel the hosts won again, this time it was the Bears.

The Bears played a great game, and main couch Douglas Bradley was very satisfied: »We were ready for a tough play, we said that the boys must do their best, because every point matters. The guys were excellent tonight. We were stronger and faster with shots on goal, less penalties, the defense was great! This is a great win for us because we play our next game with Vienna, who is ranked first for a reason. They are a great team, but for us the points are important the same way. We must prepare well for this game and play well.«

It was 4:0 after the first period already. In the second period the guests reduced to 5:2, and in the beginning of the last period even to 5:3, but Medveščak then scored 4 goals for the convincing win.

Scorers for Medveščak were Boivin (7:01), Noonan (12:19), Poyhonen (13:15, 45:02), Koskiranta(15:04), Olden (33:59), Brine (49:57), Mahbod (57:03) and Jankovic (59:27), and for Innsbruck Bishop (27:53, 42:36) and Ouellet-Blain (35:13).

In the next round, Medveščak plays on the road on January 21st with Vienna Capitals, who are in the lead at the standings (82 points) and already secured the playoffs. The Bears remain on the 6th place with 58 points.

The goaltender Kevin Poulin played his last game of the season in Medveščak's jersey. Poulin leaves for Swiss team Kloten, and then in February he plays at the Winter Olympics with the Team Canada.


KHL Medvescak Zagreb - HC TWK Innsbruck 'Die Haie' 

9:3 (3:0,2:2,4:1)



1:0 MZA Boivin M. (07:01 / Morley T.,Olden S. / EQ)

2:0 MZA Noonan G. (12:19 / Brine D. / EQ)

3:0 MZA Koskiranta T. (15:04 / Deutsch A.,Netik T. / PP)

4:0 MZA Poyhonen M. (26:45 / Balej J. / EQ)

4:1 HCI Bishop H. (27:53 / Wehrs K. / SH)

5:1 MZA Olden S. (33:59 / unassisted / EQ)

5:2 HCI Ouellet-Blain J. (35:13 / Wahl M.,Clark A. / PP)

5:3 HCI Bishop H. (42:36 / Lammers J.,Lindner P. / EQ)

6:3 MZA Poyhonen M. (45:02 / Deutsch A.,Koskiranta T. / PP)

7:3 MZA Brine D. (49:57 / Kudelka T.,Tikkanen H. / EQ)

8:3 MZA Mahbod S. (57:03 / Olden S.,Tikkanen H. / EQ)

9:3 MZA Jankovic I. (59:27 / Noonan G. / EQ)

Penalty in minutes: 12 - 16

KHL MEDVEŠČAK ZAGREB: Poulin K. / Deutsch A., Cepon M., Boivin M., Poyhonen M., Jankovic I., Tikkanen H., Noonan G., Kudelka T. / Brine D., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Puskarich M., Mahbod S., Balej J., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Rajsar S., Morley T., Aviani M.

HC TWK INNSBRUCK: Swette R. / Nußbaumer F., Stach L., Guimond S., Ouellet-Blain J., Wehrs K., Lindner P. / Teschauer D., Bishop H., Lammers J., Yogan A., Spurgeon T., Poulsen M., Schennach B., Clark A., Sedivy O., Wahl M., Paulweber C.


Source: EBEL; HRT

Photo: MDVPRess/L.Stanzl, Pixsell