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Bears celebrate in Innsbruck

Reports 08.02.2018.
Bears celebrate in Innsbruck

The Bears celebrated tonight their first win in the intermediate round, and with this win they overtook KAC and Innsbruck on the standings of the top 6 teams from the first part of the season.

The Bears came to advantage very early in the game, with a goal by Koskirante. They were more offensive and stronger, but they missed their chance for 2:0, so the Sharks surprised them in the 15th minute when Yogan, after Poulsen's assist, equalized to 1:1. The deuce brought extra energy and hope to the hosts, but Lammers, Stach and Sedivy missed their chances. Only a minute and a half after the second period start, the Bears were in the lead again, thanks to hosts' mistake: their defender Pedevilla, after a shot by Cepon, sent the puck to his own net. A series of goals followed! Olden first increased the advantage to 3:1 in the middle of the second period. The guests scored one more goal, but just a few minutes after Olden, the league top scorer Morley made use of 5-to-3 power play situation and increased to 4:2. The next goal for the Tyroleans followed, Lammers reduced to 3:4 sending puck between Carr's legs, but Kudelka, just before the last period end hit the hosts' empty net, and increased to 5:3.

Together with the scores, Boivin had a good evening with 3 assists, and Kevin Carr saved 28 out of 31 shots from the host skaters.

On the top 6 standings, Vienna is still in the lead with 15 points; RB Salzburg has 12, and the 3rd Linz 8. Medveščak is 4th with 3 points, 5th KAC has 2, and Innsbruck has no points.

On Saturday (5.30 p.m.) Medveščak hosts Red Bull Salzburg in Zagreb. After this game, a 10 day pause follows, because of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

HC TWK Innsbruck 'Die Haie' - KHL Medveščak Zagreb     3:5 (1:1,2:3,0:1)


0:1 MZA Koskiranta T. (01:18 / Cepon M., Lehtonen M. / EQ)
1:1 HCI Yogan A. (14:50 / Poulsen M., Clark A. / EQ)
1:2 MZA Cepon M. (21:40 / Aviani M., Boivin M. / EQ)
1:3 MZA Olden S. (28:09 / Netik T., Boivin M. / EQ)
2:3 HCI Sedivy O. (29:01 / Yogan A., Clark A. / EQ)
2:4 MZA Morley T. (34:26 / Noonan G., Boivin M. / PP)
3:4 HCI Lammers J. (37:37 / Sedivy O., Clark A. / EQ)
3:5 MZA Kudelka T. (59:20 / Noonan G., Koskiranta T. / EQ)

Shots on goal: 25 - 31
Penalties: 10 - 10

INNSBRUCK: Swette R. / Nußbaumer F., Pedevilla F., Stach L., Guimond S., Ouellet-Blain J., Wehrs K., Lindner P. / Teschauer D., Bishop H., Lammers J., Yogan A., Spurgeon T., Schramm F., Poulsen M., Schennach B., Clark A., Sedivy O., Bär L., Paulweber C.

MEDVEŠČAK: Rosandic V. / Deutsch A., Puzic I., Cepon M., Boivin M., Tikkanen H., Noonan G., Kudelka T. / Brine D., Lehtonen M., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Puskarich M., Jarcov L., Poyhonen M., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Morley T., Aviani M.

Source: EBEL; HRT