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Bolzano EBEL champion

News 20.04.2018.
Bolzano EBEL champion

Ice hockey club Bolzano won EBEL championship for the 2018/18 season.

In the decisive, 7th match of the EBEL championship finals, Italian Red Foxes celebrated away in Salzburg 3:2 (2:0, 1:0, 0:2).

This is the second EBEL champion title for the Italian team. They won the first one in 2014, when they also beat Austrian Red Bul Salzburg in the finals.

This season Bozano entered the EBEL playoffs from the last, 8th place, and on their way to the finals and EBEL champion title they beat leading championship teams – KAC Klagenfurt, Vienna Capitals and Red Bull Salzburg.

The Bears and Red Foxes played 4 times this season. Bolzano won three games, two at home and one in Zagreb, while the Bears were better once, in front of their supporters in their Den.

Let's remind, Medveščak ended the EBEL season in the playoffs quarterfinals, when they lost from Black Wings Linz.


Source: EBEL; HRT

Photo: MDVPRess/I.Šoban, Pixsell