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Boxing or hockey?

News 22.12.2017.
Boxing or hockey?

Because of off-ice physical fight Tom Zanoški was penalized with a suspension for 5 games by the EBEL league. Visibly displeased because of the penalty and suspension, he was watching his team play last night in the company of the famous boxer Charlie Williams. Interestingly enough, exactly at the moment when Zanoški is "doing time", he chose to watch the game in the company of a professional boxer. A coincidence, or ...?

Williams and Zanoški at the Ice Hall stands

Charlie Williams is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom, light category champion. He visited Zagreb because he heard »... quite a lot about the best Advent fair in Europe...«, that »… didn't disappoint me even a bit, on the contrary, everything is just as I imagined, even more magic.«

As a great fan of ice hockey, Williams heard only the best about the Bears and decided not to miss Medveščak's home game while in Zagreb. »I am a great fan of ice hockey. I have family in North America and I adore Boston Bruins, so I was thinking that I should visit the local hockey team game and support the Bears in Zagreb«, Williams explained.

He was instantly impressed with the play and the atmosphere in the Ice Hall, in spite of the fact that the Bears lost. »The play is fast and fun, there was some fist fighting on the ice, and you can't stay calm with such an atmosphere at the stands, cheering and drumming.«

Williams and Zanoški comment the game for Kreator TV studio

Regarding Tomislav Zanoški, »the fastest Medveščak's fist«, he only had words of praise. »Great guy, excellent host, we have a lot in common, not only about boxing, hahahahaha… He spoke me a lot about the Club, the city, and especially about the supporters. I noticed that people approach him and talk to him. I don't understand Croatian, but I can conclude that he is a big shot here! I visited his team's match, now it's time that he visits my match...«.


Photo: MDVPRess/I.Soban, Pixsell; MDVPRess/Twitter