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Clipping the Wings

Announcements 28.11.2018.
Clipping the Wings

The two teams already played twice this season. The Bears won 5:2 in their first meeting at home but lost 5:4 in Linz exactly a week after.

Linz has played 10 matches since they last played the Bears. They have won 7 times since then and lost 3. All those games ended in a regulation. They are also on a 3-match winning streak. Beating Graz 5:2, Fehervar 4:2 and on Tuesday Villach 5:0.

The team is led in points by winger Brian Lebler who has 22 points in 23 matches. He is also team's best goal scorer with 14 already to his name. Centre Corey Locke has 21 points giving him second place in productivity. Top 3 is closed by Dan DaSilva, a winger who has 20 points. Michael Davies also poses a threat as he has 11 points in 10 games.

Michael Ouzas, who started both games against the Bears, has played in 17 matches this season. He has a 2.80 goal against average with 91.9% save percentage. David Kickert played in 10 matches having a 2.67 goal against average and 92.8% save percentage. Kickert has been in the net for the past 2 games following a 3-game stretch where Ouzas was the choice for Linz.

The most productive player for the Bears remains Sondre Olden with 14 points. Sébastien Sylvestre is the second most productive player with 12 points. Jordan Samuels-Thomas is third with 11 points.

Linz holds 8th place in the power play efficiency with 18% of powerplays used. The Bears are 10th with 14.9% efficiency. Linz leads the league in penalty killing with 89.7% chances killed off. The Bears are 10th as well in this category with 75.7%.

The 68 goals on 702 shots put Linz at 7th place in the league with the scoring efficiency of 9.69%.

The Bears are 2nd in the league in a fair play table taking only 9 penalty minutes per game. Linz takes 2 minutes more.

The Bears face the Black Wings Linz on Thursday 29th of November at 19:15 in Dom Sportova! Get your tickets and come to support the Bears! Come on Bears.