Interview 07.09.2017

Connor Cameron: „Every conversation with my father leads to hockey“

Coach Cameron loves to talk about hockey everytime and everywhere. He lives for it. But he also likes to play another popular sport in Canada.

Coach Cameron is a very calm person. On the ice and when you speak to him. It went pretty well with the players who admire their coach who gaines some calmness from country music.

He talked to us about his private life and about hockey because today is the opening day of the season!

This will be your first full season as a head coach. How have you prepared for a new challenge? Have you watched many videos from the time Medvescak played in EBEL?
„I think my preparation for this season comes from the last number of years I have been working in hockey. I have been lucky enough to have a lot of good jobs in many good leagues so far and I think the experence from this makes my transition to a head coach much easier. We have only watched games from the past season, the newer the games are the better idea it gives us about the teams and players in the EBEL.“

What have you heard about EBEL before and what do you think about the league?
„It is a strong league no doubt. Looking at the league it seems that there is a group of 4-5 teams which always finish at the top of the standings. After that there is a group of 5-7 teams that really battle it out for points. I hope we can find our team in this position and push those top teams by the end of the season.“

What are your goals this season?
„Goals are simple: to play fast, hard physical hockey every night. Without playing every team yet it is imposible to set a goal standing wise so for us it will just be about how we play each and every game. If we do this over time we will have the results we are hoping for.“

How do you like the atmosphere around the team? Team presentation on Monday was really spectacular.
„No doubt Zagreb has the reputation of being one of the top fan bases in the EBEL. I think a lot of our players have no idea exactly how strong the support is and I look forward to Sunday so they can experience that for themselves.“

Your father Dave was a great player and today he is a great coach with a lot of experience. Do you talk to him about your job, what can you improve and what you're doing good?
„We talk all the time, and 90 percent of that is about hockey. Both of us have a passion for the game obviously so naturaly our conversations all go that way. Our talks are more about big picture stuff, like philosophy of how hockey should be played, how to construct a team, things of this nature. We dont analyize each others systems but of course if I have a question about a specific tactic I can always call.“

What do you expect from yourself in the new beginning? What kind of playing style can we expect from Medvescak?
„Our style will be fast an intense. That is really easy to say but the type of systems we have put in place will allow our team to play a fast uptempo game. I think our game will translate well to the regular and playoff seasons.“

You and your coaching staff are very young. What are the advantages of your age? How are your players looking at that?
„To me age means nothing. A coach needs to be energetic, knowlagable and a people person. If you can do that at 32 you can coach. If you can't do that at 52 you can't coach. It's simple. Being closer in age to the players might make it easier to build relationships with them but I think good coaches do that no matter what their age might be.“

What was the team reaction in the preseason? Are you happy with their effort in practice and in preseason games?
„With the situation of having mainly new players on a team and a new head coach I think it always takes time for the team to form. I am happy with how the players have worked hard since arriving in training camp and I know they will carry this into the regular season.“

Aaron Fox and you built this team together. Now, after four weeks of training camp, are you satisfied with the roster?
„Aaron did an excellent job assembling the roster. Not an easy task when you have to sign so many new players. I like how we are built from the goalie through the D and into a deep forward group. We have a nice mix of young, older, skilled and physical players.“

This is your second year in Zagreb. How do you like it here in Croatia. Can you compare the lifestyle here and in Canada?
„Zagreb is a world class city, people from around the league always say they can't wait to come here. I consider myself lucky to be able to work and live in such an amazing place. Sure it is different than Canada, but how can it not be? Canada is my home but I love to work here.“

What is Connor Cameron doing in his free time? What kind of hobbies do you have?
„Coaches dont have much free time during the season but in the summer time back home I really like to play golf. Golf is such a different game than hockey, you are alone without teammates and mentaly you have to be strong for 4-5 hours. I guess that's why I like it so much.

What's your favorite food? What is your favorite movie? What type of music do you like to listen?
„I come from the east coast of Canada where we have some of the best sea food in the world so naturaly I love seafood. My favorite movie has always been Braveheart. A classic for sure. I'm all over the map for music. I was nevEr into country but at my home every summer there is one of the biggest country music festivales in north america so I have found myself listing to more country.“