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Dangerous champions

Reports 23.01.2018.
Dangerous champions

Even though they secured their place in playoffs long time ago, the Viennese were no less dangerous and very successful on ice. Three goals in each of the first two periods were enough for the guests to reach a convincing win. The scorers for the guests were Schneider (1:03), Hartl (7:17), Holzapfel (14:21, 31:00), Vause (28:35) and McKiernan(31:35), while scorers for Medveščak were Morley (17:01) and Noonan (39:13).

»I am not happy, neither with the result nor the way we played. We started bad. Vienna made use of all our mistakes. They are a dangerous team and we could not allow doing so many mistakes with them. I would say they are first at the league standings with a reason. We did not make use of our powerplay situations. We also had notably more shots on goal, but it obviously wasn’t enough«, Medveščak's couch Douglas Bradley commented the game, and added: »I believe in playoffs and I believe in this team. We have two more regular games, and then qualifiers. Let's get to work, let's focus on one game at the time and let's win all those points.«

Medveščak has to play two more games on the road before the end of regular part of season, and after this the league splits in two groups: in the first group are teams that secured their entry to playoffs in regular part of the season, and in the other the remaining 6 teams fight for two extra places in playoffs. Total of eight teams of the league enter the playoffs.

Also, the game tonight was started with pack icing by former, legendary Medveščak's player Frank Banham. This time he arrived to Zagreb, after almost 5 years, as an agent of some of Medveščak's players. Banham was in Medveščak Zagreb from 2010 to 2013, and he was also in one moment on the top of EBEL league with most points (62) and most goals scored (30).

»It is nice to be back in Zagreb. I spent nice and exciting years here. I am glad to see that the atmosphere in the hall is still superb, and that top hockey is still played in Zagreb«, Banham remembered, and then explained reasons behind his visit: »I have a new job now. But I didn't give up ice hockey. I work as an agent now. Some of my players are also here in Zagreb, so I am well informed about things around Medveščak. I am glad that my connections to Zagreb continued in this way.«

At the moment, Medveščak is on the 6th position with 58 points, only one point more than Graz 99ers, who are 7th, and two more than Dornbirn, who are 8th.

Two last games of the regular part of the season Zagreb Bears play away, in Fehervar (January 26th) and Znojmo (January 28th).


KHL Medveščak Zagreb - Vienna Capitals

2:6 (1:3,1:3,0:0)



0:1 VIC Schneider P. (01:03 / Nödl A. / EQ)

0:2 VIC Hartl N. (07:17 / Wukovits A., Großlercher J. / EQ)

0:3 VIC Holzapfel R. (14:21 / Rotter R., Pollastrone J. / EQ)

1:3 MZA Morley T. (17:01 / Boivin M., Mahbod S. / EQ)

1:4 VIC Vause T. (28:35 / Schneider P., Nödl A. / EQ)

1:5 VIC Holzapfel R. (31:00 / Pollastrone J., Fraser J. / PP)

1:6 VIC McKiernan R. (31:35 / Wukovits A., Großlercher J. / EQ)

2:6 MZA Noonan G. (39:13 / Morley T., Mahbod S. / PP)

Penalties: 4 - 6


Rosandic V. / Deutsch A., Jarcov L., Cepon M., Boivin M., Tikkanen H., Noonan G., Kudelka T., Kegalj B. / Brine D., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Puskarich M., Mahbod S., Poyhonen M., Jankovic I., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Morley T., Aviani M.


Tschrepitsch M. / Brocklehurst A., Lakos P., Hackl D., Cuma T., Fraser J., McKiernan R., Nissner B. / Schneider P., Rotter R., Wukovits A., Sharp M., Holzapfel R., Großlercher J., Nödl A., Pollastrone J., Fischer M., Tessier K., Vause T., Hartl N.

Source: EBEL; HRT

Photo: MDVPRess/I.Šoban, Pixsell