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Eagles fly away with the three points

Reports 15.12.2018.
Eagles fly away with the three points

The Bears returning to the ice after the problems didn't have a good start when after 58 second Matus opened the scoring for Znojmo.

Despite conceding the Bears kept fighting hard but got too eager when Luka Jarcov was called for hooking. The Bears managed to defend the power play well.

But with 5:09 played Matus scored another, giving Znojmo two-goal lead. Nemec and Hlava getting assists just like on the first goal.

3:10 later Jacmenjak got called for hooking too and had to go into the box. The Bears killed off even the second power play of the night.

The Bears kept fighting and battling hard despite Znojmo creating pressure and got rewarded. With 3:12 left in the period Bjorn Svensson made it 1:2 with a nice goal after assists from David Brine and Bruno Kegalj.

The Bears kept creating pressure and the result was a power play with 1:21 left in the period. Bulin got two minutes for tripping. However, the Bears didn’t convert on it before the end of the period and therefore would start the second with a man advantage.

Znojmo managed to kill the remaining time at the start of the second.

Then after 1:54 Kalus made it two-goal difference again after McPherson and Parkkonen assisted on his goal.

After 3:37 the Bears got another power-play chance when Sedlak was called for hooking. Sadly for the Bears, they could not convert on it.

The Bears kept playing hard and playing with their heart despite Znojmo being the more dominant and experienced team.

With 9:11 gone in the second Hlava scored a fourth of the goal for the visitors when he managed to redirect the rebound into the goal. Matus and Tejnor grabbed the assists.

Rosandić then made a big save not allowing the Eagles to get the fifth goal.

But he was unable to prevent that with 6:18 left in the period when McPherson got the goal. The score was 1:5 as Stretch and Lattner got the assists.

With 5:22 left in the period Jacmenjak went to the box for interference. The Bears played good defence and killed off the power play.

But with just 58 seconds left in the period, Nemec made it 1:6, with Matus and Hlava getting the assists.

Znojmo got again a hot start to the third period but the Bears defended their chances well. It came with a toll when after 3:11 Filip Jarcov got called for holding. The Bears again with a good defence killed off the power play.

The defence was coming up big with not allowing Znojmo to get another one, Rosandić kept making good saves to deny that too.

After 10:47 the Bears even got a chance to get one goal back with a power play when Stehlik was called for interference. The Bears managed to create chances but couldn't convert.

The game was spiced up even more by a fight between Milicic and Stehlik with 1:42 left in the game.

Znojmo managed to score one last goal, again late, with 50 seconds left when Oscadal made it 1:7. The seventh goal assisted by Novak and Parkkonen.

The score didn’t change after it and the Bears suffered a defeat. Despite that, the Den thanked them twice for the effort and heart each and every player showed that night.

Thank you to the fans!




0:1          00:58     ZNO       Matus R. (Nemec E., Hlava N./EQ)
0:2          05:09     ZNO       Matus R. (Nemec E., Hlava N./EQ)
1:2          16:48     MZA      Svensson B. (Brine D., Kegalj B./EQ)
1:3          21:54     ZNO       Kalus M. (McPherson A., Parkkonen P./EQ)
1:4          29:11     ZNO       Hlava N. (Matus R., Tejnor D./EQ)
1:5          33:42     ZNO       McPherson A. (Stretch C., Lattner J./EQ)
1:6          39:02     ZNO       Nemec E. (Matus R., Hlava N./EQ)
1:7          59:10     ZNO       Oscadal V. (Novak P., Parkkonen P./EQ)


Shots: 25:51

Penalty minutes: 13:11



Rosandić (Nikolić); Robar, Čepon, Svensson, Brine, Zanoški; Jacmenjak, Vedlin, Milicic, Jankovic, Simšič; Tadic, Kegalj, Mikulic, Fičur, Jarcov L.; Kriksic, Miric, Jarcov F., Bukovic



Lassila (Halasz); Sedlak, Lattner, Kalus, Stretch, McPherson; Tejnor, Parkkonen, Hlava, Matus, Nemec; Vainonen, Stehlik, Novak, Bulin, Spacek; Krckovyc, Oscadal


Photo: Andrea Rastowsky, KHL4ALL