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Eine keine WinMusik in Salzburg

Reports 14.10.2018.
Eine keine WinMusik in Salzburg

Both teams started off the match well, creating chances and playing fast-paced attacking hockey. The Bears managed to draw a penalty first getting on their first powerplay chance of the night. However, after just 22 Svensson got called for tripping too and made it 4on4.

Teams didn’t even get to play a full minute of 4on4 when Salzburg was called for too many men on the ice giving the Bears a 4on3 powerplay. They didn’t use it but managed to generate some chances during it.

After both teams were in full strength Salzburg started to put a bit more pressure on Medveščak but the score stayed tied at 0. The Bears even got another powerplay chance but sadly couldn’t convert this one either.

The home team were first to score when Winkler opened the scoring at 13:34. To add insult to the injury, 17 seconds after they even got powerplay opportunity, but the Bears managed to defend that well.

No goal was scored until the break, so the Bears went into the break trailing 1:0.

At the start of the second period, Salzburg kept being active and almost scored when it was JST who decided to switch to a goalie and saved the puck from going into the net.

The home team kept creating chances which sadly resulted in a goal. Duncan added the second goal of the game with just under 5 minutes gone in the second. Both teams after had a 1on1 chances but Michalek and Corbeil both stopped those chances.

After little over 8 minutes gone in the 2nd, the Bears had to defend another powerplay after Kudelka was called for delay of the game. They did that well but had to do the same 5 minutes later when Manavian was sent to the box for 2 minutes for cross-checking. The power kill again worked great and kept the score close for the Bears.

Corbeil made some crucial saves towards the end of the period, especially after Salzburg player wrapped around the next but Corbeil dove and put his stick in the way of the puck.

Salzburg started off the third period better. This showed up when after 4 minutes gone in the third Pallestrang scored. Things got even worse for Medveščak when just little over a minute after that Regner added 4th of the night for the home team.

The match suddenly started to get away from the Bears and the bad streak continued when after 8:26 played in the third Winkler added second of the game for him and made it 5:0.

This prompted the change in the goal for the Bears when Rosandić came in for Corbeil. Even at 5:0 Salzburg didn’t let off the pressure and kept attacking. Rosandić, however, managed to stop their chances and the Bears even got a goal themselves.

With 5 and half minutes left in the third, Sauve scored after an assist from Fičur and Simšič. This was the last goal of the game and the Bears are coming home losing this one 5:1 after having a great comeback yesterday.



1:0                   13:34         RBS        Winkler D. (Huber M./EQ)
2:0                   24:54         RBS        Duncan R. (Raffl T., Hughes J./EQ)
3:0                   44:34         RBS        Pallestrang A. (Hochkofler P., Viveiros L.)
4:0                   45:57         RBS        Regner B. (Rauchenwald A., Gazley D./EQ)
5:0                   48:26         RBS        Winkler D. (Van De Velde C., Pallestrang A
5:1                   54:30         MZA        Sauve Y. (Ficur B., Simsic N.)

Shots: 51:22

Penalty minutes: 6:8


Photo: GEPA Germany