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Going north to play Liwest Linz

Announcements 25.10.2018.
Going north to play Liwest Linz

Both teams have since played one match, Linz played Vienna away and last 5:2 as well.

The most productive player for Linz remains Corey Locke with 11 points, who had an assist last time the Black Wings played the Bears. Wingers Brian Lebler and Dragan Umicevic both have 7 points in 12 games.

Michael Ouzas has 2.38 goals against average combined with 92.7% save percentage in 10 games. David Kickert played in 5 games and his numbers are 3.76 goals against average and 90.8% save percentage.

For the Bears, Sondre Olden leads the team in points with 8, getting a goal and two assists last time the teams met. Yann Sauve and John Armstrong both have 7 points each. Sauve scored the last game with Armstrong had an assist.

As for the team statistics, Linz scores on 13% of their power plays while Zagreb strikes on 16.3%. On the other side of the man advantage, the Bears defence on the penalty kill with 89.2%, Linz is just slightly off worse with 89.1%.

As for the streaks, the Bears won their last two matches while Linz is on a two-game losing streak.

The Bears take on Linz on Friday 26th October at 17:30 in Keine Sorgen Eisarena Linz. Join us in supporting the Bears to get their third win in a row!


Photo: Slavko Midžor / Pixsell