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HOK afforests with the Bears – each goal 10 more seedlings

News 21.09.2017.
HOK afforests with the Bears – each goal 10 more seedlings

The first Medveščak's home game in this EBEL season became exciting even few moments before the celebrated Croatian Olympic athlete, shot putter Stipe Žunić, ceremonially iced the puck. At this precise moment, the news were announced to The Ice Hall that HOK Osiguranje, the faithful partner of the Bears, joined the grand public campaign »LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER«. Inspired by the team's great heart and desire to help Dalmatia devastated by wildfires, HOK Osiguranje decided to donate 10 new seedlings for each Bears' goal scored in The Den in this EBEL season.

»As a trusty partner of Medveščak, we simply could not stay indifferent about this praiseworthy campaign that originated from the Zagreb's Bears Den. In major disasters - and wildfires all around our coastline this summer were a real disaster - Croatia has to stay together, which is the goal of this campaign. The Adriatic coast is not enjoyed and loved only by locals, but also by all of us. The tourism is a very important industry in our national economy, and it is extremely important to keep the coastline beautiful. I believe that the hockey players, together with the season subscribers and with us from HOK Osiguranje, made only the first step of this campaign. It is up to Bears to score as many goals as possible, and we will make sure that our coastline becomes green again«, said Elvis Bolanča, head of HOK Osiguranje's board.

Olden scored twice, and Koskiranta once in the first home EBEL match vs. Fehervar, so the count so far is clear. HOK Osiguranje already donated 30 seedlings and, if we add 1026 seedlings donated by the club, so far we reached the total of 1056 seedlings.

HOK Osiguranje is the first Medveščak's sponsor to join the »LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER« campaign, organized in collaboration by Croatian Forests and KHL Medveščak.

Let's remember that Medveščak decided to donate one seedling for each ticket sold to the burnt areas of the Croatian coast and islands. Along with buying a season ticket, the fans and others can also help by donating for one or more seedlings through different actions that will be organized on the home matches, but also on other occasions. Since the wildfire areas cannot be afforested right away, because the best seasons to do it are autumn and spring, the donation of Medveščak will be handed over to Croatian Forests this spring, when the afforestation is scheduled to begin.

To learn more about how you can contribute, follow www.medvescak.com.