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Reports 23.11.2018.

The game was back and forth to start off with. Both teams had their chances to open the scoring, but neither could get the right shot.

Then after 11:10 played in the first period, Tom Zanoški was sent to the box for slashing and game Klagenfurt their first power play of the match. It looked like the Bears might be able to defend it but with 5 seconds left, Geier opened the scoring after Petersen and Fischer got the assists.

For the rest of the period, the Bears tried to even the game up but couldn’t take the chances.

The Bears had to go on the power kill early in the 2nd period when after 1:23 Kudelka was called for holding. Klagenfurt again struck on their power play when Geier got his second of the night with 2:21 gone in the period. Koch and Fischer got the assists.

But the away team didn't hold the two-goal lead for long when Tom Zanoški scored exactly a minute later. His great strike assisted by David Brine brought the game to a 1 goal difference.

The home team had a big chance to even the game up with 6:58 played, Duller was called for interference. That was broken up a bit when Zanoški and Comrie got into the brawl in front of the net, both of them getting 2+2.

The Bears didn’t use this powerplay and the score remained the same.

Both teams kept having chances with 3:22 left in the period Wahl scored third of the game for Klagenfurt. This goal put the visitors again 2 goals up.

The score remained the same, so the Bears had a 2-goal hole to climb out of for the third period.

The Bears had to face some pressure early from Klagenfurt, but they did well against it and even managed to then create some of their own.

This pressure turned out very well when Sébastien Sylvestre scored after 5:49 played. His goal assisted by Ivan Puzić again gave hope for the Bears team. The goalscorer had this to say after the game: “I think we played well, we controlled the puck even though first 10 minutes of the game they had the control of it. We matched their intensity and their speed. We had some good chances. We knew lately they are hot on the power play and unfortunately, they scored 2 goals on them. We should have stayed out of the penalty box. If it wasn’t for that it would be a 2:2 game. At the end of the third period we tried to push and were close to scoring a few goals, but it didn’t happen. We lost 3 points tonight. It was an emotional game. We got penalties when we were trying to push so we need to stay composed and not get penalties.”

Sadly, they couldn't enjoy this for very long. Not even 3 minutes later, after 8:41 played Koch scored fourth and made the difference 2 goals again. Petersen and Gartner getting the assists.

The Bears tried hard to get back, pushing and creating their chances by playing well in the offensive zone.

The big chance came with 3:11 left in the third period. Wahl was called for tripping. The Bears even pulled their goalie during it but couldn't convert the powerplay or when Klagenfurt had 5 men on the ice. Klagenfurt also didn't score on the empty net which meant that the game ended 2:4 from the Bears' point of view.

Disappointing loss for the Bears but they have to focus now on Sunday and game against Graz away.

The head coach Aaron Fox had this to say after the game: “The guys showed a lot of heart and character today. We are really shorthanded right now. I think we were the better hockey team 5on5 today. Unfortunately, Klagenfurt won the special team’s game they scored 2 power play goals on their first 2 attempts. We had three attempts and didn’t score on them so the game is 2:2 5on5 and unfortunately our special teams let us down today.”


KHL MEDVEŠČAK ZAGREB : EC-KAC 2:4 (0:1, 1:2, 0:1)


0:1          13:05     KAC        Geier S. (Petersen N., Fischer D./PP)
0:2          22:21     KAC        Geier S. (Koch T., Fischer D./PP
1:2          23:21     MZA      Zanoski T. (Brine D./EQ)
1:3          36:38     KAC        Wahl M. (Hundertpfund T., Bischofberger J./EQ)
2:3          45:49     MZA      Sylvestre S. (Puzic I./EQ)
2:4          48:41     KAC        Koch T. (Gartner C., Petersen N./EQ)


Shots: 25:27

Penalty minutes: 8:8



Lisutin (Rosandić); Sauve, Deutsch, Lemtyugov, Aviani, Mauldin; Kudelka, Robar, Svensson, Sylvestre, Armstrong; Čepon, Puzić, Simšič, Brine, Zanoški; Fičur



Haugen (Holzer); Comrie, Fischer, Kozek, Koch, Petersen; Gartner, Duller, Bischofberger, Wahl, Hundertpfund; Unterweger, Strong, Geier, Liivik, Richter; Schnetzer, Obersteiner, Harand, Witing