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Kolombo takes over as head coach after Aaron Fox resigns

News 10.12.2018.
Kolombo takes over as head coach after Aaron Fox resigns

Medvescak's head coach and club sports director Aaron Fox resing today from his duties. He will be replaced by former M2 coach Daniel Kolombo.


"Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the club, I will be stepping down from my Sports Director / Coaching position at this time. I want to thank the orginization for the opportunity they gave me here. Zagreb feels like home to me and my family and the club and its fans will always be a part of me. I will still be here supporting the club, the players and its new staff as best I can to help get through this situation. "Said, Fox.


"It's not easy to take the first team at this point, but I do it for the club. It is certain that we will give our best and what we have been trying to do we will do the best we can to finish this season, "the new coach said briefly.


In addition to Fox, his assistants Douglas Bradley and Carter Beston Will also resigned.


Bruno Bregant comes as an assistant coach with the Columbo on the first team bench.


The reason for the changes that are happening in the Club is because of the situation, where one of the key sponsors announced at the beginning of the season withdrew their commitment. You can find an official club statement on this topic here:

KHL MEDVEŠČAK Zagreb would like to thank Aaron Fox, Douglas Bradley and Carter Beston Will for their time, work and effort they have done for the club.