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MacIntyre HOcKey player of the game

News 07.10.2017.
MacIntyre HOcKey player of the game

»The support and welcome that the fans staged for me really means a lot. I am glad that I got the accolade already on my first home game. We are the team, we are made up of many great players, and when you are, alongside with all the tonight's scorers, proclaimed the best, it can't be a minor thing«, shortly commented the new-old Medveščak goalkeeper Drew MacIntyre after he was voted the HOcKey player of the game by Medveščak fans.

Let us remind, MacIntyre recently joined the Medveščak roster as a replacement for injured Krošelj. MacIntyre did play for Medveščak before, in KHL season 2016/2017. He returned for a fixed time and he will be with the Bears until the end of October the latest, when his contract expires.

During the game, the supports choose HOcKey player of the game with the SMS votes, on each home game of the season.