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Medvescak confirmed their participation to play in EBEL

News 15.03.2017.
Medvescak confirmed their participation to play in EBEL

Today, Medvescak confirmed to the Presidency of Erste Bank Eishockey Liga their participation in the EBEL Championship next season (2017 /2018). At the beginning of March, the Presidency of EBEL confirmed that Medvescak had met all the required conditions and that next season the club could join the EBEL league as a full scale member, which Medvescak did today.

“I would like to thank all the EBEL clubs and the Presidency of the league for giving us an opportunity to compete in this championship. I look forward to games between Medvescak and the best clubs from the region – Austria, Slovenia, Hungary Czech Republic and Italy – that will be played in Zagreb next season. With this official confirmation, we start   our official preparations for the next EBEL season. We will do everything to make sure that Medvescak stays competitive in the championships in which the club competes. No doubt our fans will continue to enjoy the professional hockey and emotions “, said president of the Club Damir Gojanovic.

The organizational team of Medvescak immediately starts preparations for the next EBEL season, which include choosing a coach and sports team, scouting players for the team, negotiations with partners and planning  all logistics for the new EBEL season.

Interview with Medvescak’s President Damir Gojanovic regarding joining EBEL, future plans, coaches, players and retrospect of the past four KHL seasons can be found HERE.