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Medvescak started the preseason with a win

Reports 16.08.2017.
Medvescak started the preseason with a win

After week and half of exhausting training the Bears finally got underway with their preseason games against French team HC Lyon. Medvescak won 2:1 in Maribor Ice Hall in front of three hundred fans from Zagreb.

Nathan Perkovich started the game as a team captain and Gasper Kroselj was the first goalie despite his foot injury.

In the first period Medvescak was the better side on the ice which was capitalized before the end of the period when Michael Boivin scored for the Bears lead. In the second period Medvescak played far worse than in the first part of the game which was punished when Lyon tied the game. Despite he concided the goal, Kroselj saved his team a few times.

"We played really good in the first third. We could have scored even more goals in that part, but we played poorly in the second period. But in the end we managed to win a nice preseason game", confessed coach Connor Cameron.

Medvescak was indeed a better team in the final third. They scored just six minutes before the end of the game when Jozef Balej showed his great talent. Despite the win, coach Cameron knows where his team needs to improve.

"There are still a lot of things that we want to work on. We want to move better in the neutral zone and play good in the powerplay because that should give us a lot of wins this season", said Cameron who spoke highly of his goalies.

Vilim Rosandić was Kroselj' substitution in the final third where he got some really good saves.

"Both goalies were great today. Kroselj was under fire in the second third, but he remained calm and gave us some great saves", concluded Cameron and spoke about the fans who were also excellent in Maribor.

"They are always the best. They travel with us and I feel that they are a part of the team. They mean to us a lot", said Cameron at the end.

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB – HC LYON 2:1 (1:0, 0:1, 1:0)


1-0 Boivin (first period)
2-1 Balej (third period)

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Kroselj, Rosandic, Brine, Deutsch, Zanoski, Simsic, Olden, Privitera, Puskarich, Jarcov, Boivin, Balej, Poyhonen, Tikkanen, Koskiranta, Netik, Perkovich, Rajsar, Morley, Kudelka, Kegalj, Aviani.