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Medveščak won the "SPORTO Brand 2017" award

News 17.11.2017.
Medveščak won the "SPORTO Brand 2017" award

There was no lack of excitement and celebration atmosphere last night in Portorož, Slovenia, when for the fifth time in a row Ice Hockey Club Medveščak Zagreb won the "SPORTO Brand 2017" award in "Best Sports Club in Croatia" category.

In a fierce competition of Croatian clubs GNK Dinamo Zagreb, VK Jug CO, RK PPD Zagreb and NK Rijeka, Zagreb Bears took the victory and for one more time t proved that they can't, in spite of all kinds challenges in ice hockey, be caught on thin ice. This is also supported by another accolade: one of TOP 3 sports brands in the region, together with NK Maribor, Slovenia, and FK Crvena Zvezda, Serbia.

SPORTO Brands Awards for the best sportsman, sportswoman and sports club, and SPORTO Awards in several categories that include sport sponsorship, events and media communications, are given at the yearly SPORTO Conference on marketing, communications and sponsorship in sports.

»They say that champions are being made when no one is watching and when the times are the hardest. Medveščak proved for five years in a row that, in spite of all surprising situations that we encounter every day, one can remain and must be professional. The move from Russian KHL league to Central European EBEL we adopted as a positive challenge, and together with our partners, sponsors and fans, we proved that value of a brand lays in teamwork, in professionalism of those involved with the club, in trust of those who are sponsoring the club, and loyalty of all those who love and support their team with their full heart. To us, this awards brings sense of community, trust, responsibility, and this is what - with all of us that stand with the club: the team, the supporters, the sponsors and the employees – makes Medveščak the greatest and the best«, said the communications and marketing manager of KHL Medveščak Ranko Vučinić when receiving the SPORTO award.

Since 2004, SPORTO conference traditionally takes place at the end of November in Portorož, Slovenia, and gathers together the most prominent sports experts from all around Europe and the world. SPORTO Brands Award for Croatia, Serbia and the region is given for past 5 years, and Medveščak Zagreb won it every time! The specialty of this award is that the winners are not voted by a jury of experts, but through an extensive public opinion poll about sports and sports brands, carried out in the whole Adriatic region by the Institute for market research Mediana. For the research of brand quality and selection of the best SPORTO brands by the general public Mediana Institute developed a methodology that includes eight elements of judging: visibility, sport success, global context, personality, club image attractiveness, quality and quantity of public appearance, and public perception.

This year, Ranko Vučinić also took part in the SPORTO Conference as a member of the expert jury that selected winners in sports sponsorship, sport events and media communications in sport, from the whole region.

Photo: SPORTO/Sportida