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Meet Mitja

Transfers 18.09.2018.
Meet Mitja

The 35-year-old Slovenian defenseman Mitja Robar comes to help the Bears. During his career, he has played in various leagues such as EBEL, DEL, Czech top league, Slovenian league and few games in Liiga and Allsvenskan. He also represented his country at the Olympic games and several World Championships.

So far, he took part in 323 EBEL games, most of them coming for HK Jesenice, but for the last two seasons, he was a part of  EC KAC . In those 323 games he got 129 points and added 30 games and 5 points in the playoffs. He also has 106 regular season games and 42 points and 14 playoff games and 6 points in the DEL league. His time in DEL was exclusively spent in Krefeld Pinguine.

During last two seasons with Klagenfurter, he got 29 points combined in the regular season in 90 games and 4 in 20 playoff games. He was also a part of Klagenfurter team when they played in the hockey Champions league last season.

He can provide not just a solid defensive play but also help the team offensively with his part. He comes in as a replacement because of the injuries on the blue line.


Statement from our coach Aaron Fox: “Due to the injury situation regarding Hardy and Cepon we have decided to bring in Mitja Robar in. Mitja is a solid two way defenseman who should step right in and give us quality minutes and add some depth to our lineup.”


Photo: kac.at