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News in Medveščak's PR team

News 09.08.2018.
News in Medveščak's PR team

With the beginning of the new EBEL season, along with changes in the team's roster, some changes happened in Medveščak's organization team. After 10 years, Ranko Vučinić left the position of Zagreb Bears' Director of Communications and Chief Spokesman. Zrinka Trušić takes over Media Relations. Ana Čalić remains the Head of the team for Digital Communications.

Ranko Vučinić joined Medveščak in 2008. as a part of PRiredba team, Medveščak's official PR and marketing agency, the year before Medveščak started to play in EBEL championship for the first time, in 2009. In all those years he was in charge of external and internal club's communications, promotional and marketing activities, sponsorship communications, club reputation and public affairs, and activities related to social responsibility.

As a part of PRiredba's team, he organized a big number of successful, internationally well reputed club's projects, among which are Arena Ice Fever in Zagreb Arena and Roman Coloseum, or Winter Classics on Zagreb's Šalata open air skating ring, that for 5 years in a row (2013-2017) brought Medveščak the prestigious SPORTO Award for the best sports brand in Croatia and one of TOP 3 sports brands in the Region. Together with his collaborators from PRiredba Studio, he established Medveščak's Kids Club, Season Members Club, and Gold Donors Club. He established KHL MEDVEŠČAK Zagreb Trust, which carried out socially responsible project and brought positive changes to local communities, and helped to those in need. Among those are charity and educational projects such as volunteer action "Bear's Favor – a Good Thing", educational campaign "Pink OctoBe(a)r" and "MovemBe(a)r", a charity project of gathering school meals for students from families with lower income "Let them not be hungry", as well as a great national campaign dedicated to gathering seedlings for areas devastated by wildfires in Dalmatia, "Let's Afforest Croatia Together". Thanks to responsibility and active engagement in local community, and to promotion of non-violence in sports events, in 2010 Medveščak become a sports partner of the UNICEF, as the only ice hockey club in the world to get this prestigious status ever, as a promotor of a great national campaign "Stop the violence to/among children".

In his years with Medveščak, he is very proud of his open and professional communication with the public, supporters and media, which was at the time of his arrival a kind of precedent in sports communication management in Croatia and the Region. He is also proud of the digitalization of Zagreb Bears, through social media and digital platforms, in collaboration with digital communications manager Ana Čalić.

With the Bears in their recent history, he made a long sports journey, from playing in Slovenian hockey league, entering EBEL, playing in the prestigious KHL, to the return to EBEL, as well as 9 Croatian Championships that the Bears won all. Apart from the professional team, he took part in communications related to other club's selections.

"… After 10 exciting, successful, fun, challenging, valuable years, it's time for some new business and personal challenges, time for a change. I leave with pride and happiness about everything we've done. From a marginal club and a sport, we created the most popular and most recognizable sports brand in the whole region. In the past 10 years we broke world records, we won international awards, we froze Roman Coliseum in Pula and Zagreb Arena, we travelled and played around Europe, in mighty Euro-Asian KHL Championship, we told a great and sincere sports story that no one could stay indifferent about. We did great things for this Club, our Club, we added many beautiful pages to the club's history book, and I am certain that they will not be forgotten and that in future the club will be proud of what we did…", Ranko Vučinić wrote in his farewell letter to his colleagues, collaborators and partners.

He also thanked to "... club president Damir Gojanović and PRiredba Studio for this opportunity that they gave to me, and I would not be unhappy if the old expression proved to be true here: "an once in a lifetime opportunity", because it was worth every minute...”, noting in the end: "I am looking forward to all Medveščak's successes in future. But this time I will do that in a more relaxed way, with just as many heart, but from the standings."

Vučinić will continue his professional career in sports communication management at PRiredba Studio. Also, Vučinić and PRiredba Team will support a new Medveščak's communications team in a certain period in a next season.

A young communication professional Zrinka Trušić takes over Medveščak's communications from Vučinić, in the fields of public and media relations.

Ana Čalić, a long term Medveščak's PR manager, remains as a Head of Medveščak's Digital Communications.


Photo: MDVPRess; SPORTO Awards