Reports 03.02.2019

That’s all she wrote

The Bears lose 2:11 at home in their final match in this season

Reports 26.01.2019

Bear Hunt(gary)

The Bears lose 10:0 in Fehérvár.

Announcements 24.01.2019

Spicing it up in Hungary

The Bears will face Fehervár away as the home team fights for a 6th place

Reports 22.01.2019

The Bulls overpower the Bears

Medveščak loses 0:7 at home to Red Bull Salzburg

Announcements 22.01.2019

The Bears meet the Bulls

Red Bull Salzburg will travel to Zagreb to face the Bears on Tuesday

Transfers 18.01.2019

Thank you, Captain Tom!

Tom Zanoški leaves Medveščak to join Sheffield Steelers

Reports 13.01.2019

Björn swan song

The Bears suffered a heavy loss in the last match for Björn as a Bear

Reports 12.01.2019

10 bites from Bulldogs

The Bears lose 2:10 to the Dornbirn Bulldogs

Announcements 06.01.2019

Twice in a row

The Bears will play their first match of the back to back against Klagenfurt

Reports 02.01.2019

The Bears lost a match but won the hearts

The Bears lose 6:2 in Graz but win hearts of the respectful crowd

Reports 29.12.2018

9 from 99ers

The Bears lose 0:9 to Graz 99ers

Announcements 27.12.2018

The Bears back in the Den after Christmas

The Bears will host Graz 99ers in their first home match after Christmas

Reports 20.12.2018

New Bears, old challenge

The Bears will play Fehérvár for the third time this season.

Reports 15.12.2018

Eagles fly away with the three points

The Bears lose to Znojmo but earn a standing ovation.

News 10.12.2018

Kolombo takes over as head coach after Aaron Fox resigns

Aaron Fox and his team are leaving the team. Daniel Colombo becomes the coach of the first Medveščak

Reports 10.12.2018

Wild West in Znojmo

The Bears lost 7:6 after a shootout in a wild game against the Eagles.

News 09.12.2018


Events and Changes in the Club ...

Announcements 08.12.2018

The Bears are in Znojmo

The Eagles and the Bears will play each other in Znojmo.

Reports 08.12.2018

What Vause that?

The Bears lose 5:0 in Vienna after Vause scored four.

Transfers 07.12.2018

Merci Antonin

Antonin Manavian has returned to France to finish the season in Grenoble

Announcements 06.12.2018

The Bears are hungry for Sachertorte

The Bears are facing third-placed Vienna Capitals for the third time.

News 05.12.2018

Change in the Coaching team

Marcel Rodman is leaving his position to join Jesenice

Reports 03.12.2018

Hats off in a loss

The Bears lose 6:4 in Dornbirn despite a hattrick from Sébastien Sylvestre.

Announcements 01.12.2018

Third time the charm

The Bears are facing Bulldogs from Dornbirn for the third time this season.

Reports 29.11.2018

Black Wings flew away

The Bears lose 5:2 at home to Linz.

Announcements 28.11.2018

Clipping the Wings

The Bears are facing Black Wings from Linz at the Den.

Transfers 28.11.2018

Thank you Ivan!

Ivan Šijan is leaving the Bears to pursue a chance in the Elite Ice Hockey League.

Reports 25.11.2018

99 problems and Graz was one

The Bears lost to the league leaders in Graz 6:0.

Announcements 24.11.2018

A touch of Graz

The Bears will face the league leaders on Sunday.

Reports 23.11.2018


The Bears fall 4:2 to Klagenfurt, the away team extending their streak to four.

Announcements 23.11.2018

First against Klagenfurt

The Bears will face Klagenfurt for the first time this season.

Announcements 14.11.2018

The Bears start the Continental Cup against hometown Giants

The Bears open the Continental Cup in Belfast against the hometown Giants

Reports 13.11.2018

Vienna Capitalizes on their chances

The Bears fall to Vienna away in an overtime thriller 2:1.

Announcements 12.11.2018

Looking for W in Wien

The Bears are travelling to Austrian capital as the home team looks to halt 5 games slide.

Reports 03.11.2018

Red Bull gave Salzburg win(g)s

The Bears lose 5:2 against Red Bull Salzburg in their last game before the break.

Announcements 03.11.2018

Toreros for the night

The Bears are facing last year’s finalists from Salzburg.

Reports 03.11.2018

Beary good match against Villach

The Bears win their first match in Dom Sportova and beat the Eagles from Villach 5:1.

Announcements 01.11.2018

Defending the den from the Eagles

The Bears are playing Villach who are still in search of the first road win of the season.

Reports 31.10.2018

The Bulldogs bit the Bears

The Bears lose 5:2 in Dornbirn in a tough match after having a lead and later battling back.

Announcements 29.10.2018

The Bears are in the Dog House

The Bears are facing Bulldogs from Dornbirn on Tuesday. Medveščak will look to move up the table and

Announcements 27.10.2018

Sharks in the Den

The Bears welcome Innsbruck in their first match back in Zagreb! The Den will be a home to an exciti

Announcements 25.10.2018

Going north to play Liwest Linz

The Bears go into Austria this time to take on Linz in Keine Sorgen Eisarena Linz. This match comes

News 25.10.2018

Change to the match against Salzburg

The game against EC Red Bull Salzburg is being moved from 4th of November to 3rd of November at 17:3

Reports 21.10.2018

The Bears and Fox outwit the Foxes

The Bears pick up their second win in a row, beating Bolzano 2:1.

Announcements 20.10.2018

Trying to outsmart the Foxes

The Bears will face Foxes in Sisak looking for a revenge from their match in Bolzano.

Reports 19.10.2018

Grounding the Black Wings

Medveščak has completed the comeback and defeated Linz 5:2 in Sisak!

Announcements 18.10.2018

Black Wings fly into Sisak

The Bears return to Sisak to take on EHC Black Wings Linz.

Transfers 17.10.2018

From Russia with Lemtyugov and Lisutin

The Bears have reached an agreement with two Russian players to join the team.

Reports 14.10.2018

Eine keine WinMusik in Salzburg

Medveščak loses their second match of the back to back 5:1 again Red Bull Salzburg.

Announcements 14.10.2018

Orchestrating win in Salzburg?

The Bears are facing Red Bull Salzburg in back to back games in Austria.

Announcements 06.10.2018

Fox’s Bears face Foxes

Their most dangerous players this season are Mike Blunden with 11 points and Brett Findlay with 10 p

Reports 28.09.2018

The Bears attacked the Eagles and won

Medveščak picks up their first win of the season in Znojmo with the result of 4:1...

Announcements 27.09.2018

Czeching out Znojmo

Last season was the first time Znojmo missed playoffs since joining the EBEL in 2011.

Reports 25.09.2018

Vienna Caps off the win

The Bears lost their second home game after a great effort to Vienna Capitals 3:1...

Announcements 23.09.2018

Avoiding Capital punishment

Medvescak vs Vienna Capitals this Sunday at 5:30pm in Sisak...

Reports 22.09.2018

Who let the (Bull)dogs out?

The Bears still in search of their first prey...

Transfers 18.09.2018

Meet Mitja

The Bears welcome a new player in their ranks

Reports 15.09.2018

The Bears are left hungry in Hungary

Medveščak played its first match of the season against Fehérvár AV19 in their home stadium where the

Transfers 12.09.2018

Björn Svensson is now a Bear

Medveščak Zagreb have decided to acquire experienced Swedish winger Björn Svensson.

Reports 10.09.2018

The Bears lose a hard-fought match against EC KAC

Medvescak was on the other end of the shootout today in their last preseason match in Velesajam. Kla

News 09.08.2018

News in Medveščak's PR team

Along with changes in roster, changes in organization occurred...

News 03.08.2018

Zanoški, Šimšić and Fičur stay in the Den

Local forwards continue with the Bears in EBEL Championship...

News 01.08.2018

Forwards Mauldin and Thomas arrive to Zagreb

Forwards with NHL and AHL experience arrive to Croatian Medveščak from the German DEL...

News 30.07.2018

New Coaching Team

Aaron Fox takes over Medveščak, Marcel Rodman is coming back...

News 24.07.2018

Deutsch and Cepon extended their loyalty

Two defensemen, Adam Deutsch and Mark Cepon, stay with Medveščak in EBEL...

News 19.07.2018

Return of the faithful Perkovich

After long six seasons Nathan Perkovich still remains faithful to the Zagreb Bears...

News 13.07.2018

Linus Fernstrom on the Bears' goal

The robust Swedish player arrives to Zagreb Bears' Den from the Swedish SHL...

News 05.07.2018

Two new Canadians in the Bears forward line

Canadians Sebastien Sylvestre and John Armstrong are new reinforcements of Medveščak's EBEL team...

News 19.06.2018

Mikko Lehtonen stays with the Bears

Finnish forward Mikko Lehtonen remains in Zagreb...

News 08.06.2018

Three new musketeers in Zagreb Bears defense line

Three new defensemen arrive to the Den: the returnee Ivan Puzić, as well as experienced players Anto

News 24.05.2018

Mighty Croatian duo stays in the Den

The goalkeeper Vilim Rosandić and forward Ivan Janković continue their EBEL adventure with Medveščak

News 27.04.2018

The Return of Three Forwards

Forwards Mike Aviani, Mario Puskarich and David Brine return to Zagreb for the next season...

Announcements 23.04.2018

The great return, Sauve is back!

The great fighter and experienced defenseman, Canadian Yann Sauve, is back ...

News 09.04.2018

Olden and Kudelka stay in Medveščak!

Forward Sondre Olden and defenseman Tomaš Kudelka will wear the Zagreb Bears' jersey for another sea
no. Club GP W L pts
1 Graz 99ers 44 23 11 87
2 Vienna 44 24 10 87
3 EC KAC Klagenfurt 44 22 12 83
4 EC Red Bull Salzburg 44 21 14 76
5 HCB 44 22 14 76
6 Fehervar AV19 44 19 14 74
7 Linz 44 20 17 69
8 Dornbirner 44 17 18 62
9 HC Orli Znojmo 44 19 21 62
10 Innsbruck 44 13 19 59
11 VSV 44 8 29 36
12 KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb 44 6 35 21