News 20.04.2018

Bolzano EBEL champion

Bolzano beats Red Bull in the finals and wins EBEL championship...

Reports 29.03.2018

Medveščak M2 won IHL!!!

Beating the Slovenian team Celje, Medveščak M2 is the champion of international IHL championship...

News 23.03.2018

BREAKING NEWS: We switch off...

... for one hour. For planet Earth!

News 21.03.2018

1050 HOK seedlings for 105 EBEL home goals

For each Bears' EBEL home goal HOK Insurance donated 10 seedlings for areas in Dalmatia devastated b

Reports 20.03.2018

The Bears finished their EBEL season

After Linz won the 6th game of quarterfinals, the Bears did not reach semifinals...

HOK Player of the game 20.03.2018

Morley HOcKey Player of the game

Tyler Morley (#86) scored three goals and was justly voted HOcKey Player of the Game

HOK Player of the game 19.03.2018

Tikkanen HOcKey Player of the Game

Harri Tikkanen (#55) scored the second goal for the Bears, which brought them 'tail wind', and for t

Reports 19.03.2018

Linz has 2:3 advantage in the quarterfinals series

Linz beat Medveščak 3:4 after overtime, in the 5th game of the EBEL playoffs quarterfinals...

Reports 16.03.2018

Second game lost in Linz

Wins ratio in EBEL playoffs quarterfinals between the Bears and Linz is now equalized to 2:2...

News 14.03.2018

Gornji Grad students for Croatian coast

Students of Zagreb's Gornjogradska gimnazija high school donated 250 new seedlings for the great nat

Reports 13.03.2018

Unlucky March 13th for the Bears

The Bears lost on the road in Linz, win ratio in quarterfinals is now 2:1...

News 12.03.2018

New seedlings for Dalmatia

The bank of seedlings for Dalmatia devastated by wildfires got 1745 new seedlings, thanks to the fan

News 12.03.2018

Trombone Quartet opened EBEL playoffs in the Ice Hall

The famous Zagreb Philharmonic's Trombone Quartet opened the home games cycle of the EBEL playoffs i

HOK Player of the game 12.03.2018

Carr wins HOcKey Player of the Game

Carr's saves tonight secured the win, but for him also the title of HOcKey Player of the Game in the

Reports 11.03.2018

Second quarterfinals win for the Bears

With 6:2 (0:0, 3:2, 3:0) win over Linz, Medveščak came to 2:0 advantage in the quarterfinals of EBEL

Reports 09.03.2018

The Bears celebrate after the first quarterfinals game

In the first quarterfinals game, Medveščak beat Linz 4:3 (2:0, 1:2, 0:1, 0:1) ...

News 07.03.2018

You donate seedlings, SPAR and the Bears donate you!

With the start of the playoffs, SPAR joins Medveščak's national campaign Lets Afforest Croatia Toget

News 04.03.2018

Linz and Medveščak in quarterfinals!

Black Wings chose the Zagreb Bears for their opponents in the quarterfinals. Tickets for the playoff

Reports 04.03.2018

The Bears win in Linz

In the last game of the intermediate round the Bears beat LIWEST Black Wings 2:3 (0:2, 1:1, 1:0)…

News 03.03.2018

Janković nominated for EBEL YoungStar

Ivan Janković is on the February short list for the best young player of EBEL Championship...

News 03.03.2018

500th home goal and 500 seedlings for Dalmatia

Club's partner Karlovačko donated 500 new seedlings for areas devastated by wildfires in Dalmatia, o

News 03.03.2018

Rosandić HOcKey Player of the game for the 5th time!

The supporters voted Vilim Rosandić HOcKey Player of the Game for the fifth time this season...

Reports 02.03.2018

Last home game of the intermediate round

In their last home game before playoffs, the Bears scored one point and the 500th EBEL goal in their

Reports 27.02.2018


Medveščak beat Innsbruck 5:2 (1:0, 2:1, 2:1) and jumped to the 4th position of the EBEL standings, t

HOK Player of the game 27.02.2018


Tero Koskiranta (#60) scored the first goal tonight, and the supporters awarded him HOcKey Player of

Reports 25.02.2018

Success in Salzburg!

The Bears beat Red Bulls away in Salzburg, 4:5 (0:2, 3:0, 1:2/0:1) after overtime...

Reports 23.02.2018

KAC wins the second game

KAC won 2:4 and took all the points in the return match in Zagreb...

HOK Player of the game 23.02.2018

Netik HOCkey Player of the Game

With his goal, Netik #71 won the fans sympathies and was voted HOcKey Player of the Game...

News 23.02.2018

Schiestel reinforces the defense line

The experienced defenseman Drew Schiestel is a new reinforcement for the Zagreb Bears defense...

Reports 21.02.2018

Points to the home team

Klagenfurt won 4:3 in the last moments of the game, in a 3-to-5 powerplay situation...

News 14.02.2018

Ranov arrives on loan

Young Swiss attacker Anton Ranov arrives as a loan to Medveščak from Swiss Winterthur...

News 13.02.2018

Medveščak (ex) players at the Olympics

Seven hockey players who wore Medveščak's jersey in their professional careers will also take part a

Reports 10.02.2018

1:0 for Bulls

In the first duel between the Bears and the Red Bulls, Bulls win 2:3 (0:0, 1:0, 1:3) ...

HOK Player of the game 10.02.2018

Rosandić HOcKey Player of the Game

Vilim confirms HOcKey Player of the Game title one more time

Reports 08.02.2018

Bears celebrate in Innsbruck

Medveščak won on the road in Innsbruck 5:3 (1:1, 3:2, 1:0) and climbed to the 4th position of the in

Interview 07.02.2018

Kevin Carr: A helmet is to be blamed for everything!

27-year-old Canadian doesn't like crowded cities, follows many sports, and became a goaltender becau

News 06.02.2018

Tyler Morley in EBEL All Star team

Morley will play in forward line of the EBEL All Star squad at the ALL STAR CUP in Bratislava…

News 05.02.2018

Deutsch nominated for YoungStar January 2018

You can vote for the best young player for January by February 9th...

HOK Player of the game 04.02.2018

Nik Simšić HOcKey Player of the Game

With the second goal, he won sympathies of the fans and was voted HOcKey Player of the Game

Reports 04.02.2018

The Bears were in the lead, but Linz won

In spite of 2:0 advantage, the Bears, in a tense game, lost in the end from Linz 2:3 (1:0, 1:2, 0:1)

Reports 02.02.2018

Capitals celebrate

The Bears lost first game of the Intermediate Round away in Vienna, from the hosts Capitals 0:5 (0:1


Intermediate Round – chance for a better place in the playoffs

Medveščak's journey from the end of KHL to top 6 teams that directly qualified to EBEL championship

News 31.01.2018

Changes in EBEL team

Lehtonen and Puzić to Medveščak, Mahbod moves to Czech Republic...

News 28.01.2018


The Bears beat Znojmo 5:2 and secured playoffs of the EBEL league, as the only non-Austrian team in

Reports 26.01.2018

Valuable points from Fehervar

The Bears celebrate on the road in AV19 3:2 (1:0, 0:2, 1:0; 1:0), after the shootouts...

Reports 23.01.2018

Dangerous champions

Capitals win again, they outplayed the Bears 2:6 (1:3, 1:3, 0:0)...

HOK Player of the game 23.01.2018

HOK Player of the game 21.01.2018

Netik HOcKey Player of the Game

With his energizing goal, Netik won fans' sympathies and HOcKey Player of the Game title

Reports 21.01.2018

Points go to guests

The Czech Eagles beat the Bears 3:4 (1:0, 0:3, 2:1), in a tense finish...

Reports 19.01.2018

Leading Capitals celebrate

The Bears lost game away from the league first-placed Vienna Capitals 1:2 (0:0, 1:2, 0:0)...

News 18.01.2018

Rajsar moves to Olimpija

Sašo Rajsar decided to join Olimpija Ljubljana...

News 15.01.2018

Here comes Car(r)!

Kevin Carr takes the position of the first goaltender Poulin, who will leave for Switzerland and for

EBEL news 14.01.2018

Rosandić EBEL YoungStar for December

Medveščak's goaltender Vilim Rosandić won the best young player award, EBEL YoungStar for December..

Reports 14.01.2018

Bears ate Sharks!

Medveščak outplayed guests from Innsbruck 9:3 (4:0, 1:2, 4:1)...

News 12.01.2018

Hockey spectacle under the stars is back!

The Bears will play their Winter Classics game on open-air skating rink Šalata, on February 4th...

Reports 12.01.2018

Foxes (again) slyer than Bears

Medveščak lost game away in Bolzano 6:3 (3:2,1:1,2:0)...

Interview 11.01.2018

Noonan closely: “Catch me if you can"

26-year-old American graduated history from Boston University, and Medveščak is his first team outsi

News 11.01.2018

Poulin in Team Canada for 2018 Winter Olympics

Current Medveščak's first goaltender Kevin Poulin on roster of Canadian national hockey team at XXII

News 08.01.2018

Vilim Rosandic - YoungStar December 2017

Goalie Vilim Rosandic is the first EISNER Auto YoungStar of the month (December 2017) playing for KH

Reports 07.01.2018

The Bulls leave the Den with no points

On their home ice the Bears beat Salzburg Red Bull 5:4 (2:3, 1:0, 2:1), in a game full of twists...

HOK Player of the game 07.01.2018

Balej HOcKey Player of the Game

With his 4th goal Josef Balej thrilled the fans and won HOcKey Player of the Game title

Reports 05.01.2018

The Bears outplayed Villach

The Bears beat Villach with convincing 7:2 (1:1, 4:1, 2:0)...

HOK Player of the game 05.01.2018

Sondre HOcKey Player of the Game

With his second goal for the Bears, Sondre started a ruinous series for the guests, Villach Eagles..

Reports 03.01.2018

Tight win for Graz

Medveščak hockey players lost away game in Graz with tight 4:3...

News 02.01.2018

Rosandić nominated for December YoungStar

The vote for the best young player of the league is open until January 7th...

Reports 01.01.2018

New Year's win

The Bears beat KAC in the 35th round of EBEL league in overtime 4:3 (1:1, 1:0, 1:2; 1:0), Boivin sco

Reports 30.12.2017

Medveščak better than KAC

The Bears reached their third consecutive win in EBEL, beating KAC Klagenfurt at the Ice Hall 3:2 (1

HOK Player of the game 30.12.2017

Noonan HOcKey Player of the Game

After this year's final game and the third consecutive win, Medveščak's supporters recognized Garret

HOK Player of the game 29.12.2017

Rosandić HOcKey Player of the Game

The goalie Vilim Rosandić was brilliant protecting his net, with 27 saves out of 28 shots on the Bea

Reports 28.12.2017

New home win

Medveščak, lead by new-old coach Bradley, beat Graz 99ers 3:1 (1:1, 1:0, 1:0) in 32nd round of EBEL

Reports 26.12.2017

Fireworks in Villach

The Bears check in a convincing win 8:3 (0:1, 4:1, 4:1) on the road in Villach...

News 24.12.2017

Douglas Bradley takes over the EBEL team

Veteran couch Douglas Bradley will take over Medveščak's EBEL team from the current Head Coach Conno

News 22.12.2017

Boxing or hockey?

Tomislav Zanoški watched his team's game last night from the stands, accompanied by British boxing c

Reports 21.12.2017

Bulldogs stronger than Bears

In the 30th round of EBEL hockey league, Medveščak lost in the Ice Hall from Dornbirn 2:5 (0-1, 1-2,

HOK Player of the game 21.12.2017

Poyhonen HOcKey Player of the Game

Marko Poyhonen scored both goals in the tonight's game against Dornbirn...

News 20.12.2017

Zanoški and DeSousa both suspended five games

EBEL's Disciplinary Commission decided to equally penalize Zanoški and De Sousa

Reports 19.12.2017

Salzburg celebrates at home

Medveščak hockey players lost in the 30th round of EBEL league. Salzburg celebrated at home against

News 18.12.2017


The Bears today celebrate their 56th birthday…

HOK Player of the game 17.12.2017

Morley HOcKey Player of the Game

The only goal for the Bears was scored by Morley, and the supporters voted him HOcKey Player of the

Reports 17.12.2017

Foxes slyer than Bears

Medveščak lost the 28th round game 1:2 (0:1, 0:0, 1:1) from Italian Bolzano...

Reports 15.12.2017

The Bears earn a point in Linz after shootouts

In the 27th of EBEL, Linz won only after penalty shootouts 4:3 (2:1, 0:2, 1:0 – 0:0, 1:0)...

HOK Player of the game 12.12.2017

Sondre Olden HOcKey Player of the Game

Olden equalized in the first period, so the supporters voted him HOcKey Player of the Game...

News 12.12.2017

Fehervar won in overtime

The Bears lost their duel with Hungarian Fehervar 2:3 (2:2, 0:0, 0:0/0:1), with the goal by Luttinen

News 11.12.2017

Peter Mennel re-elected Erste Bank Eishockey Liga President

On Monday Peter Mennel has been unanimously re-elected as Erste Bank Eishockey Liga president at th

Reports 09.12.2017

Caps celebrated next shut out win against Zagreb

Interview 07.12.2017

FOX: »Inches« are not on our side on road games..."

Medveščak's sports director, Aaron Fox, shared his thoughts about the season so far, the players, th

News 06.12.2017

Noonan enforces Medveščak's defense, Privitera leaves

Changes at defense positions in Zagreb Bears' Den: the American Garrett Noonan arrives, Alexx Privit

News 06.12.2017

INA and the Bears donated to Osijek Kids Hospital

INA, Medveščak's partner, accompanied with Medveščak players and Red Noses, donated today 80.000 kun

News 05.12.2017

The Bears delivered their donation to children hospital

Just before St. Nicholas Day the Bears handed over their valuable donation of tablets and TV sets to

News 01.12.2017

2500 seedlings for 25 years of Eco Consult go to devastated Croatian coast

On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, the company Eco Consult donated 2500 seedlings to Medvešč

Reports 27.11.2017

Bulldogs stun home-winning Bears

Dornbirn Bulldogs won in Zagreb 3:0 and ended the Bears' home-series...

HOK Player of the game 27.11.2017

Mahbod HOcKey Player of the Game

Reports 26.11.2017

Netik and Morley scored twice for the home win

Tonight again there was a reason to celebrate at the Ice Hall, where Medveščak beat Black Wings Linz

HOK Player of the game 26.11.2017

Pöyhönen HOcKey Player of the Game

Marko Pöyhönen last night won hearths of the fans who voted him HOcKey Player of the Game...

News 24.11.2017

New 3 points for the Bears!

The Bears scored a win away, beating Hungarian Fehervar AV19 with convincing 0:4 (0:0, 0:2, 0:2)...

News 23.11.2017

The world's oldest ice hockey player...

... plays in Medveščak's jersey!

Reports 21.11.2017

The Bears outplayed Red Bulls

The Bears beat Salzburg Red bull tonight with 6:3 (1:1, 2:2, 3:0), and now they hold high 5th positi

HOK Player of the game 21.11.2017

Olden HOcKey Player of the Game

The fans awarded Sondre Olden for his hat-trick with the HOcKey Player of the Game title...

News 17.11.2017

Medveščak won the "SPORTO Brand 2017" award

Medveščak won SPORTO award for the best club sport brand in Croatia and the region for the fifth yea

Reports 15.11.2017

KACer's Revenge

With 4:1 (0:0, 2:1, 2:0), KACers paid back to the Bears for their defeat in Zagreb...


It's time to improve play away

We asked Igor Oslić, sports journalist and Medveščak's games commentator, to look back at the season

Interview 08.11.2017

Kevin Poulin: My role model is the legendary Dominator!

27-year-old Canadian is happily married, a father of two sons, in summers he likes to play tennis, a

News 05.11.2017

Tom's evening!

First goal this evening was enough for the supporters, and they voted Tom Zanoški HOcKey Player of t

News 02.11.2017

November is reserved for blue pucks of kindness

After October and pink pucks, November is reserved for blue pucks in the Bears' and supporters' camp

Announcements 02.11.2017

Cameron: Making up with Linz and Bolzano

After a series of three home wins, The Bears on Friday play away in Linz, and on Sunday Bolzano come

News 31.10.2017

Shooter Netik HOcKey Player of the Game

The Bears beat Znojmo 1:0, and the scorer Tomaš Netik was crowned HOcKey Player of the Game...

Reports 31.10.2017

The Bears continued series of wins

Medveščak hockey players achieved their 3rd win in a row, beating Czech Znojmo 1:0 with a goal by Ne

News 28.10.2017

Poulin (again!) HOcKey Player of the Game

With brilliant saves, Poulin again won the supporters' favors and was voted HOcKey Player of the Gam

Reports 27.10.2017

Medveščak celebrate win against Innsbruck!

The Medveščak hockey players achieved their 7th EBEL win, beating Innsbruck in Zagreb 3:1 (2:0, 1:0,

Reports 26.10.2017

The Bears outplayed the current champion!

With convincing 4:1 win, and with excellent saves of the newly arrived goalkeeper Poulin, Medveščak

News 26.10.2017

Poulin awarded for his win already

In his first game for Medveščak, the fans in the Ice Hall unanimously voted Poulin the HOcKey Player

News 26.10.2017

Netik "Mr. 800"!

Tomaš Netik scored tonight the 800th goal for Medveščak in EBEL league...

Interview 24.10.2017

Morley: "If I wasn't a hockey player, I would be a businessman"

25 year old Canadian Tyler Morley graduated in Business Administration, and thanks to Medveščak he p

News 23.10.2017

New goalie in The Den

27 years old Canadian goalkeeper with NHL experience, reinforces Medveščak...

Reports 15.10.2017

Graz revenges for defeat in Zagreb

Graz won at home ice 7:5 ...

Reports 14.10.2017

Foxes stronger than Bears

In first ever Medveščak's game on Italian ice, Bolzano wins 4:1

Reports 10.10.2017

Villach blowed in the last period

With five goals in the last period of the game, and with the first hat-trick of the season, Medvešča

Reports 10.10.2017

With the hat-trick to HOcKey player of the game

Mike Aviani scored the first hat-trick of the season and was voted HOcKey player of the game...

Reports 08.10.2017

Medveščak wins a point in thriller game vs. Linz

After shootouts Meveščak wins a point against Austrian Linz...

News 08.10.2017

Morley HOcKey player of the game

It didn't take long for the fans to vote Tyler Morley the star of the game at the Ice Hall...

News 07.10.2017

MacIntyre HOcKey player of the game

In his first home game, MacIntyre was voted HOcKey player of the game

Reports 06.10.2017

The Bears outplayed legendary KAC 5:1

The Bears, lead by shooters Mahbod, Aviani, Netik, Pöyhönen and Rajsar, filled the KAC(ers) net in t

News 05.10.2017

Colorful pucks of kindness for the children hospital heroes

On Friday, October 6th, begins charity pucks sale for the Oncology department of Klaićeva children's

Reports 01.10.2017

The Bears return from Salzburg with no points

After 3 consecutive wins, Medvescak lost 3:1 away vs. Red Bull Salzburg

Interview 29.09.2017

''Bok, ja sam Sondre'' (Hi, I am Sondre)

If he wasn't a hockey player, the Norwegian would probably be a tennis player or, as could be expect

News 28.09.2017

New "Medveščak Magazine"

For the fans of the Zagreb's Bears, Kreator TV prepared new issue of the magazine where, along with

Reports 24.09.2017

Czech in check

The Bears scored their third league win in a row, after Dornbirn and Graz, new celebration in Znojmo

News 23.09.2017

The Bears beat Grazers in The Ice Hall

The Bears achieved convincing win over Graz, their first win in regular time this season

News 22.09.2017

Rosandić voted HOcKey player of the game by fans

First home game, first home win, first title "HOcKey player of the game" for Rosandic

News 21.09.2017

HOK afforests with the Bears – each goal 10 more seedlings

HOK Osiguranje is the first Medveščak's partner to join the »LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER« campai

News 21.09.2017

Krošelj injured, MacIntyre joins Medveščak

Due to Gasper Kroselj injury from the last away game in Dornbirn, goalkeeper Drew MacIntyre will joi

Reports 18.09.2017

The Bears celebrate in Dornbirn

The Bears beat Dornbirn away in their first win of the season

Reports 16.09.2017

Points stay in Innsbruck

By win over the Bears, Innsbrucker remains undefeated this season

News 14.09.2017

Representative league team participates in All star Cup in Bratislava

On February 17, 2018, a selection of Erste Bank Eishockey Liga participates in ALL STAR CUP in Brati

Interview 07.09.2017

Connor Cameron: „Every conversation with my father leads to hockey“

Coach Cameron loves to talk about hockey everytime and everywhere. He lives for it. But he also like

Announcements 07.09.2017

New Bears starting their second EBEL chapter

Medvescak starts it's fifth season in EBEL with new coach and 15 new players.

Interview 07.09.2017

Tero Koskiranta: „I came here to win a trophy“

Finnish player is a true professional on the ice and family guy who loves good food and a glass of q

News 06.09.2017

Zagreb Bears' great heart beats for Dalmatia

Medveščak's hockey players, in collaboration with Croatian Forests, donate one seedling for each sea

Reports 27.08.2017

Villach defeated Medvescak in their second preseason test

Despite the circumstances before the game, Medvescak played a good game in Villach.

Announcements 26.08.2017

The Bears renew their old rivalry against VSV

Medvescak and Villach played 24 games so far and The Bears won ten times. Villach will also be Medve

Interview 25.08.2017

Tomas Netik, one of the loudest players in the Den

If he wasn't a hockey player, Tomas would probably play tennis. He has a legendary status in Sparta

Interview 24.08.2017

Mario Puskarich: "I want to understand every language in our locker room"

Mario Puskarich left North America because of hockey first time in his career to join Medvescak and

Interview 18.08.2017

Poyhonen and Privitera honestly about themselves, hockey, Zagreb

In a parallel interview Alexx Privitera and Marko Poyhonen talked about their first hockey adventure

EBEL news 18.08.2017

From now on you can play EBEL in virtual world

EBEL and EA Sports reached an agreement in which Erste Bank Eishockey Liga and Medvescak will be a p

Interview 17.08.2017

Rosandić: "It's great to work with Kroselj"

Medvescak players were satisfied with the result of their first preseason game against HC Lyon.

Reports 16.08.2017

Medvescak started the preseason with a win

Medvescak won their first game of the preseason against HC Lyon in Maribor.

News 08.08.2017

First Medvescak 'opened training' session

Medvescak training session at Zagreb Velesajam on Thursday at 6:30PM will be opened for all the fans

News 07.08.2017

Bezina, Rendulic and Sijan training with the Bears

In agreement with the club, three former Medvescak players will spend part of their preseason traini

Interview 04.08.2017

Fox: "With quality internationals and native players we'll be dynamic"

The Bears Sports Director Aaron Fox spoke about the preseason, about transfers and expectations of E

Transfers 01.08.2017

Goalie returnee and former NHL player came to Medvescak

Gašper Krošelj and Vito Nikolić are the newest additions to Medvescak goal and Jozef Balej will stre

Transfers 28.07.2017

The Bears strengthen their defence with American and Finn

Medvescak strengthen their defensive line with former Finnish national team player Harri Tikkanen an

Transfers 26.07.2017

Perkovich stays in the Den

American giant who has Croatian ancestors from small village of Brinje stays in Medvescak for the si

Transfers 24.07.2017

New international reinforcements coming to the Den

In the next season Medvescak fans will get the chance to watch Finish Liiga star Marko Poyhonen and

Transfers 21.07.2017

Slovenian trio signed for Medveščak

One familiar face and two young Slovenian hockey players came to Medvescak before the start of new E

Transfers 17.07.2017

Best players in EBYSL reunited thanks to EBEL

Four young Croatian internationals with experience of playing EBYSL signed for Medveščak.

Transfers 12.07.2017

EBEL champion and Norway international new faces in the Den

Norwegian Sondre Olden and Canadian Michael Boivin join Medvescak.

Transfers 07.07.2017

Canadian of Croatian descent and Czech international join Medvescak

Medvescak locker room is starting to get bigger as former Czech national team player and player with

Transfers 04.07.2017

Cameron leads Medvescak in EBEL

Medvescak announced new head coach who was a part of the Bears coaching staff in KHL last season.

Transfers 27.06.2017

NCAA star joins Zanoski, Jankovic and Smolec in the Den

Three native players re-signed with the Bears and were joined by American of Croatian decent Mario P

Transfers 23.06.2017

Massive boost – veteran Tomas Netik joins Medvescak

After playing in the KHL, Extraliga, Swedish Hockey League and for the Czech national team, Tomas Ne

Transfers 19.06.2017

Finnish center and two returnees boost Medvescak

Medvescak start with announcements and presentation of players who will be members of the club’s fir

News 06.06.2017

New season starts in Villach

2017/2018 EBEL season starts on 8 September and the Bears will have their home opener on Sunday, 10
no. Club GP W L pts
1 Vienna 11 10 0 32
2 HCB 11 7 2 24
3 Graz 99ers 11 5 2 22
4 EC KAC Klagenfurt 10 4 3 16
5 EC Red Bull Salzburg 10 4 4 15
6 Linz 11 3 4 14
7 Fehervar AV19 11 2 4 14
8 Innsbruck 11 2 4 13
9 Dornbirner 11 3 6 12
10 VSV 11 2 6 12
11 KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb 10 3 6 10
12 HC Orli Znojmo 10 2 6 8