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Points stay in Innsbruck

Reports 16.09.2017.
Points stay in Innsbruck


In the first 5 minutes of the match Austrian 'Sharks' already controlled the game completely, but did not convert their chances. The Bears tried to speed the game, but after 8 minutes Innsbruck finally took advantage of their fighting play and dominance. During a powerplay Tayler Suregon scored the leading goal, and with this moment the home team took the full control of the game. Goals by Mitch Wahl and John Lammers that followed brought them success.

Medveščak had better start in the second period. In a powerplay, the Bears scored their only goal of the evening.

Both teams managed to keep the same play level to the end, but none of them scored in the last period.

Thanks to the 3:1 win over the Bears, Innsbruck is currently runner-up of the league, after Viennese Capitals. 

Erste Bank Eishockey League, 3rd round:

HC TWK Innsbruck – KHL Medveščak Zagreb 3:1 (3:0, 0:1, 0:0)

Referees: GAMPER, LEMELIN / Schauer, Seewald

Goals HCI: Spurgeon (8/pp), Wahl (18), Lammers (20)

Goal MZA: Worley (23/pp) 

Source: http://www.erstebankliga.at/ebel-en/news/?id/10736/54034

Photo: DEC/ Gepa Pictures