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Poulin in Team Canada for 2018 Winter Olympics

News 11.01.2018.
Poulin in Team Canada for 2018 Winter Olympics

Canada published today a list of players who will present their country and attempt to win yet another gold medal at the forthcoming Winter Olympics in South Korean city of PyeongChang, in February this year. A name very familiar to Medveščak's fans is also on the roster – Kevin Poulin.

Together with Pouln, another former Medveščak's player is also on the roster, Gilbert Brule. Brule was a player of Medveščak KHL team from 2015 to 2017.

Poulin joined Medveščak in October last year, and instantly won the supporters' hearts with his brilliant saves.

In his interview for medvescak.com, he described his arrival to Medveščak with the following words: »This summer together with my agent I was waiting for an offer from one of the KHL teams. I was at home until October and I was waiting patiently, even though I desperately wanted to play and to get back to competitive form. And then, there was a contact between Medveščak's sport director Fox and my agent, the conditions were agreed upon, and here I am (laughs). For a goalkeeper, the most important thing is to defend in continuity, in order to be fit. When you sit at home and wait, this is impossible.«

The supporters voted him HOcKey Player of the Game several times. But he was just as impressed with the fans: »The fans are really great. They support us during the entire game, they cheer and they sing. Nowhere have I seen such support. In North America the fans are more quiet. The hall here might be smaller, but the atmosphere is so much better.«



Roster Team Canada for XXIII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea:



Source: olympic.ca

Photo: MDVPRess/I.Soban, Pixsell