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Poyhonen and Privitera honestly about themselves, hockey, Zagreb

Interview 18.08.2017.
Poyhonen and Privitera honestly about themselves, hockey, Zagreb

Marko Poyhonen and Alexx Privitera are two of few Medvescak players that never played hockey outside their homeland before coming to Zagreb. Alexx spent his whole career in North America and Marko played in Finnish SM-Liiga.

They told us what kind of music do they listen, who is their roommate and they also described their teammate in few words.

This is the first time you left your country for hockey. What do you miss from Finland and USA and what do you like about Zagreb?
Marko: "I like it in Zagreb because it is much warmer than in Finland. City is nice, a lot of people speak English which is better when you go around Zagreb and I also like the team in which I'm playing. I miss my brush hear because people in Croatia wash their dishes only with sponges hahaha..."
Alexx: "We have a lot of great teammates here. What I miss the most from USA are my dog and my family. I like the food here because it tastes better and is cheaper. I hope that I'll go to the coast soon. In Zagreb I like it downtown because it looks different."

Alexx has a lot of pictures with his dog on social media and the other day Jozef Balej told us that he also has a dog. Marko, do you maybe have a pet?
Marko: "Yes, I also have a dog. My family and the dog are coming to Zagreb in ten day. I'm more of a family men."
Alexx: "I like dogs a lot. I have them since I was born but unfortunately I can't bring them here."

Before you came to Medvescak, you both played with some of your current teammates. Marko played with Koskiranta and Kudelka and Alexx played with Puskarich in college. Did you talk to them before coming to Zagreb?
Marko: "I haven't spoken to them about the club, but I heard a lot of great thing from the other guys. I had a lot of information about the team."
Alexx: "Both Mario and I never came here before so you could say that we didn't know much. But it is great when you know someone when you're coming to the new team."

Do you live alone or with a girlfriend, family or a roommate?
Alexx: Right now I'm living with Puskarich. We have a great time together, he is very funny and you have to meet him. We get along very good."
Marko: "First three weeks here I'm living alone and waiting for my family. I miss them a lot."

What's your favorite meal? What kind of movies do you like and what type of music do you listen?
Alexx: "I like food a lot so this question is very tough for me. I like chicken and you can never miss with a stake. I like Will Ferrell movies a lot because he is hilarious and I like to listen to some old rock, house and country which is not very popular here"
Marko: "During the summer I like to eat salmon and potatoes and recently I have watched a lot of cartoons with my kids so I have to say that Despicable Me is one of the best."
Alexx: "It is great to watch Despicable Me even when the kids are not around."
Marko: "I love Finnish rock music and I like to hear some Finnish words."

For the end, can you describe each other in a few words?
Alexx: "Marko is Finnish, has beautiful hair, speaks English very well and is a good friend."
Marko: "Alexx is a great guy and even better defensmen, he skates well and I like his style."