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Red Bull gave Salzburg win(g)s

Reports 03.11.2018.
Red Bull gave Salzburg win(g)s

Right from the start, both teams managed to create chances for themselves and the goalies and defence had to step up early.

With 7:47 played in the first period, the Bulls got their first powerplay chance of the game. The Bears matched it well and defended and were shortly after rewarded with a penalty of their own. It ended up being 5on3 as Feldner was called for hooking and Viveiros for tripping.

With time almost expired from powerplay, Sebastién Sylvestre scored and gave the Bears a lead. His goal was assisted by Bjorn Svensson and Antonin Manavian.

Then just 24 seconds later Nik Simšic sent the Bears into a two-goal lead with his first goal of the season, assisted by David Brine and Tomislav Zanoški.

Red Bull started to counter-attack after two quick goals and the goal scorer Simšič was about to be sent to the box for slashing when Van De Velde scored with 3:04 left in the first on the delayed penalty, assisted by Rauchenwald and Viveiros.

This goal came a bit against the run of play as the Bears had the lead.

Then Manavian got a 2+2 penalty for boarding and the Bears had to defend against strong Salzburg powerplay. They showed how strong it is when just after 32 seconds Van De Velde added his second of the game and tied the game up.

The bad streak continued for the Bears as with 1:56 left, Robar got a penalty for roughing. With the double minor penalty before this meant it was 5on3. Then with 50 seconds left in the period, Heinrich sent the Bulls into the lead. His goal was assisted by Duncan and Trattnig.

This meant the players went into the break with the score of 3:2 in favour of the team from Salzburg.

The Bears had to start a second-period man down, but they defended it and were quickly in full strength.

Salzburg kept creating their chances, but it was the home team who had a big chance to tie the game up, but the puck didn’t end up in the back of the net.

On the other side, Rosandić had to make a big save to keep the score within one.

While both teams had chances the play was calmer compared to the wild end of the first period.

With 7:14 to go in the second the Bears had to go on power kill again as Kudelka was called for High Sticking. The Bears killed it off well and even managed to create chances for themselves during it.

It was again Rosandić making great saves and keeping the team in the game with his great performance.

But with 1:39 left in the period, Feldner sent the away team into a two-goal lead after assists from Van De Velde and Gazley.

At the end of the period with just 5 seconds left Zanoški was sent to the penalty box for slashing but Salzburg were called for too many men on the ice, so the penalties offset.

It was again Rosandić who early in the third made a big save to keep the game alive.

After 2:21 played in the third, the Bears got their power play chance when Salzburg was again careless and had too many men on the ice.

However, the Bears didn't play it whole as with 30 seconds left Manavian got two minutes for slashing.

The Bears killed off the powerplay the visiting team got after.

Both teams then later in the period got power play chance. The Bears had it with 9:11 played in the third when Duncan got two minutes for tripping and Salzburg had their chance with 7:59 left in the period when Sauve was called for slashing. However, neither team could make use of their powerplay.

But just 35 seconds after the end of their power play, the Bulls scored their fifth goal. Duncan gave them a three-goal lead after assists from Hughes and Herburger.

The Bears tried to challenge it but weren’t successful in their challenge and the goal stood.

Salzburg got a power play chance with 54 seconds left in the game when Fičur got two minutes for slashing. But just after 4 seconds the number evened up with Gazley going out for hooking.

The score didn’t change after and the Bears fell at home to the Bulls 5:2 in a tough loss.

Assistant coach Douglas Bradley had this to say after the game: “We are defeated by one excellent team, but I think the final result doesn't show and represent the image of today's game. The Salzburg team plays fast, offensive hockey, but we did a good analysis before the game and we were prepared well for them. We did not play badly despite the defeat, we started the match great, lead 2:0, later we did not have enough cold heads and Salzburg returned. I don't like to comment much about referees decisions, but you got feeling how fans reacted. Simple, we have to get used to it and react as less as possible to such situations, have cold heads and stick to our game plan. The team form goes up from match to match, when the injured players return to the team we will be even better and with more opportunities in the game. The international break is coming and I expect even better team play when we come back, looking positive to the rest of the season.”

The defenseman Adam Deutsch said: "We started off really good. We had a good first 10-15 minutes. Then we lost a composure a little bit and took stupid penalties. We know referees call those, we have been through this the whole season. It is tough and it changed momentum when they scored those goals after we started off well. We know they have a lot of speed, we played them two weeks ago so we know they are a really good team who play with a lot of speed. We just didn't play the same whole game. (On international break) I am not planning on going anywhere, I will enjoy my time off and prepare for the time after the break to come back stronger."




1:0          12:53     MZA      Sylvestre S. (Svensson B., Manavian A./PP)
2:0          13:17     MZA      Simšič N. (Brine D., Zanoški T./EQ)
2:1          16:56     RBS        Van De Velde C. (Rauchenwald A., Viveiros L.)
2:2          17:45     RBS        Van De Velde C. (Huber M., Trattnig M./PP)
2:3          19:10     RBS        Heinrich D. (Duncan R., Trattnig M./PP)
2:4          38:21     RBS        Feldner N. (Van De Velde C., Gazley D./EQ)
2:5          54:36     RBS Duncan R. (Hughes J., Herburger R./EQ)


Shots: 27:51

Penalty minutes: 20:12



Rosandić (Nikolić); Sauve, Manavian, Olden, Sylvestre, Lemtyugov; Robar, Deutsch, Samuels-Thomas, Aviani, Svensson; Kudelka, Puzić, Zanoški, Brine, Armstrong; Simšič, Fičur



Herzog (Michalek); Jakubitzka, Trattnig, Hochkofler, Schiechl, Huber; Heinrich, Viveiros, Herburger, Duncan, Hughes; Raymond, Stajnoch, Wappis, Rauchenwald, Harris; Pallestrang, Feldner, Van De Velde, Gazley


Photo: Igor Šoban/Pixsell