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Success in Salzburg!

Reports 25.02.2018.
Success in Salzburg!

In their 7th game of the intermediate round, Medveščak hockey players beat Red Bull away in Salzburg, after overtime, with the final score 4:5 (0:2, 3:30 1:2/0:1).

Medveščak dominated the first period and came to 2:0 advantage with two goals by Sondre Olden (6:20, 7:05) that he scored in only 45 seconds apart.

Red Bulls, however, turned the score to 3:2 in the second period, with goals by Herburger (1:3, 24:18), Heinrich (2:2 / 24:55) and Schremp (3:2 / 35:25).

But in the last period Michael Boivin (40:36) scored another goal for the Bears and equalized to 3:3. After a new goal by Herbuger (4:3 / 41:27) for the host team's advantage, Ivan Janković scored another equalizer (4:4, 49:00), which brought the game to overtime.

In overtime, Grett Noonan (64:47) secured Medveščak's success, 13 seconds before the end, for the final 4:5.

Medveščak remained 6th at the standings with 5 points, while RB Salzburg with 19 points at the top together with Vienna Capitals.

Medveščak plays their next game on Tuesday, February 27th, 5.30 p.m vs. 4th Innsbruck.


Red Bull Salzburg - KHL Medveščak Zagreb     4:5 OT (0:2,3:0,1:2,0:1)


0:1 MZA Olden S. (06:20 / Lehtonen M., Boivin M. / EQ)
0:2 MZA Olden S. (07:05 / Netik T., Kudelka T. / EQ)
1:2 RBS Herburger R. (24:18 / Raymond B., Generous M. / EQ)
2:2 RBS Heinrich D. (24:55 / Stajnoch M. / EQ)
3:2 RBS Schremp R. (35:25 / Mueller P., Pallestrang A. / EQ)
3:3 MZA Boivin M. (40:36 / Morley T., Lehtonen M. / EQ)
4:3 RBS Herburger R. (41:27 / Hughes J., Stajnoch M. / PP)
4:4 MZA Jankovic I. (49:00 / unassisted / EQ)
4:5 MZA Noonan G. (64:47 / Morley T., Boivin M. / PP)

Shots on goal: 35 - 47
Penalties: 8 - 10

RBS: Gracnar L. / Stajnoch M., Pallestrang A., Generous M., Raymond B., Viveiros L., Brouillette J., Baltram F., Heinrich D. / Raffl T., Herburger R., Schiechl M., Latusa M., Duncan R., Harris B., Hochkofler P., Winkler D., Schremp R., Hughes J., Mueller P., Huber M.

MDV: Rosandic V. / Puzic I., Cepon M., Boivin M., Schiestel D., Noonan G., Kudelka T. / Brine D., Lehtonen M., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Jarcov L., Balej J., Jankovic I., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Morley T., Aviani M.

Source: EBEL; HRT
Photo: RBSAL/GEPA (c)