Interview 07.09.2017

Tero Koskiranta: „I came here to win a trophy“

Finnish player is a true professional on the ice and family guy who loves good food and a glass of quality wine outside of the ice.

Tero Koskiranta is one of the players who always goes to the gym, before and after practice. He was there during our interview collecting kilometers on a bycicle.

Besides the fact that he loves healthy life, Koskiranta enjoys delicious food and a glass of wine. And when the season is over, he packs his luggage and goes travelling with his family.

This is your first time playing outside of Finland. Did you have enough time to adjust to different lifestyle?
„City looks nice and I'm very happy that it's warm here. In Finland we didn't have real summer for 20 years and I'm glad that I tried something new. My family likes it to, they enjoy life here and that's an important factor for me. For now, everything is great.“

Most of the players in the team are family people. Poyhonen said recently that he misses his family and yours already came. Could you leave Finland without them?
„It is much easier to adjust to a new country when your family is with you. I can imagine what Poyhonen is going through because I wouldn't go anywhere without my family. They have to be here because than I can focus on playing hockey. I want to watch my kids grow up. When I'm over with the practice, I go home to my kids, dedicate my time to them and forget hockey. It's very important for a hockey player.“

On social media you often publish pictures from your trips and you also like to eat good. You seem like a person who enjoys life?
„I really love to travel and I enjoy eating good food. Food is one of the reasons why I travel a lot, I just want to learn about other cultures. I also like to drink great wine and compare it to food. I'm not young anymore and I don't go out, but I like to award myself with tasty wine. That's my other side. When you work hard, you can award yourself sometimes. In the winter I like to spend most of the time with my family, and in the summer we all love to explore new places.“

Most of the time here you spend with your Finnish teammates. Can you describe the two of them?
Tikkanen and Poyhonen are great guys and I played against them in Finland. They are similar, laid back and easy to talk to. They also like to spend time with their family and important factor for all of us is that we live close to each other. I like them both, they are typicall Finnish guys who are easy to trust.“

After 11 professional seasons in Finland you decided for a new challenge in your career. Have you talked to your brother Jarno who played in Zagreb with SKA St. Petersburg against Medvescak?
„After the end of last season I told my agent that I want something new in my career. I was fed up with Finnish style of play, I played almost 600 games there and I wanted to go to Germany or EBEL. Then Medvescak called and I talked to my brother and Jesse Saarinen who played for Medvescak one season. They said to me all the best about the club and the city and it was an easy choice for me.“

This is your first trip to Croatia or you came here before on a vacation maybe?
„No, this is my first time in Croatia and I will definitely travel to the coast as soon as possible. My family just went back from their holiday in the Adriatic Sea and they sent me a lot of beautiful pictures. We'll have a short break in few weeks and I will go to the coast for sure. When the season ends, I'll stay in Croatia for at least a month and explore this beautiful country. I also heard that you have great food and wine.“

What's your personal goal with Medvescak this season?
„We have a lot of versatile players who make this team unique. I believe that a playoff spot won't be a problem for us and after that everything is possible. I came here to win a trophy, I'm not getting any younger.“