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Thank you Ivan!

Transfers 28.11.2018.
Thank you Ivan!

Medveščak and the defenseman Ivan Šijan have reached an agreement to free him up from his contract to allow him to pursue a chance in the British Elite Ice Hockey League.

Ivan has spent the majority of a career within Medveščak organisation, returning to the club this year after spending 4 years away from the team in Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

He has featured in 9 matches this year for the Bears. Over his career, he has played in 142 matches for the Bears in the EBEL league and 19 matches in the playoffs.

In addition to that, he has played in 35 regular season matches in Croatian league and 25 playoff matches for the Bears.

He is an experienced internationally too with 34 matches played for the Croatian national team.

The club would like to wish Ivan all the best in his future and with his new club!

Statement from the head coach Aaron Fox: “Ivan was given a tryout opportunity to play in the UK and due to point system here and him not playing at the moment we obviously granted him this opportunity and allowed him out of his contract. We wish him all the best and hope he goes there and plays well.”