Reports 03.02.2019

That’s all she wrote

The Bears lose 2:11 at home in their final match in this season

The Eagles from Znojmo opened the scoring early when Špaček scored first after 2:27. Novak and Oscadal got the assists on his goal.

The Bears got a chance to equalise when Novak was called for tripping after 5:21 played.

They used it well after 1:17 when Jacmenjak's hard shot from the blue line found the back of the net. Janković and Miličić got the assists.

The score didn't last for long when after 7:11 played in the period Matus took the visitors to the lead again. Stehlik and McPherson assisted on that goal.

Just 37 seconds later the difference became 2 when Nemec scored with Bartoš and Hlava assisting.

Znojmo continued their good run when after 10:24 Sedlak added a fourth of the game for the visitors when Luciani and Matus assisted on his goal.

That was almost it for the period but with 4 seconds left Tejnor had to go into the box for holding.

The Bears were unable to convert on the power play.

But after 4:50 Stretch scored and extended the lead even further.

Not long after, with 8:42 gone in the period it was 1:6 after Hlava got assists from Bartoš and Nemec.

Znojmo didn't let the foot off the gas, 1:07 later and with a good pass in front of the net Stretch scored. Mrazek and Kalus with the assists.

After 12:38 played with the period Lattner was left in front of the net and with nice dangles scored the eight goals. Nemec and Hlava assisted him beforehand.

It looked like the Bears concede 4 goals this period too but with 56 seconds left Kalus scored the fifth of the period, making it 1:9 as Stretch and Parkkonen had the assists.

The Bears started the third better and had some good chances while Nikolić made good saves too.

The Bears had to defend a power play when 4:18 into the period Vedlin slashed a player and had to go into the box but the Bears defended it well.

Simšič and Mrazek got both penalties with 11:12 played. Simšič was called for slashing while the Czech for high sticking.

The Bears at the same time made a change in the goal when Mikulić replaced Nikolić.

The Bears, however, fell behind more 2:03 later when Luciani extended the lead with an assist from Stehlik.

Not long after with 14:44 played Stretch made it 11 as Mrazek and Kalus got the assists.

The Bears responded well when 39 seconds later Luka Jarčov scored and made the score 2:11. Nikola Senzel got the assist on the goal.

A minute and 4 seconds later Miličić and Nemec got into a little scrap and both got a penalty for roughing.

That was it and the Bears lost 2:11. The fans applauded their team as they went out on the ice again in their last match this season in the league.

We would like to thank our fans who supported the team unconditionally this season even after the team ran into the problems. You are the best fans!




0:1          02:27     ZNO       Spacek M. (Novak P., Oscadal V./EQ)
1:1          06:38     MZA      Jacmenjak I. (Jankovic I., Milicic M./PP)
1:2          07:11     ZNO       Matus R. (Stehlik J., McPherson A./EQ)
1:3          07:48     ZNO       Nemec E. (Bartos D., Hlava N./EQ)
1:4          10:24     ZNO       Sedlak A. (Luciani A., Matus R./EQ)
1:5          24:50     ZNO       Stretch C. (Bulin J./EQ)
1:6          28:42     ZNO       Hlava N. (Bartos D., Nemec E./EQ)
1:7          29:49     ZNO       Stretch C. (Mrazek P., Kalus M./EQ)
1:8          32:38     ZNO       Lattner J. Nemec E., Hlava N./EQ)
1:9          39:04     ZNO       Kalus M. (Stretch C., Parkkonen P./EQ)
1:10        53:15     ZNO       Luciani A. (Stehlik J./EQ)
1:11        54:44     ZNO       Stretch C. (Mrazek P., Kalus M./EQ)
2:11        55:23     MZA      Jarcov L. (Senzel N./EQ)


Shots: 15:64

Penalty minutes: 6:8



Nikolić, Ivan Mikulić; Jacmenjak, Robar, Miličić, Simšič, Janković; Čepon, Senzel, Vedlin, Brenčun, Mirić; Sertić, Kegalj, Luka Mikulić, Fičur, Luka Jarčov; Srketić, Ćurčić, Buković, Paulović, Filip Jarčov


Lassila (Halasz); Vainonen, Tejnor, Mrazek, Stretch, Kalus; Sedlak, Parkkonen, Luciani, Matus, McPherson; Lattner, Stehlik, Nemec, Bartos, Hlava; Kruckovyc, Bulin, Spacek, Novak, Oscadal

Photo: Dorian Granatir

no. Club GP W L pts
1 Graz 99ers 44 23 11 87
2 Vienna 44 24 10 87
3 EC KAC Klagenfurt 44 22 12 83
4 EC Red Bull Salzburg 44 21 14 76
5 HCB 44 22 14 76
6 Fehervar AV19 44 19 14 74
7 Linz 44 20 17 69
8 Dornbirner 44 17 18 62
9 HC Orli Znojmo 44 19 21 62
10 Innsbruck 44 13 19 59
11 VSV 44 8 29 36
12 KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb 44 6 35 21