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The Bears are left hungry in Hungary

Reports 15.09.2018.
The Bears are left hungry in Hungary

The match was played at a high pace already from the start. Both teams were skating fast, trying to find quick passes to open up the other defence and creating chances on both ends. Rosandić and the Bears defence made some crucial stops in the first 10 minutes keeping the game tied at 0.

Fehérvár AV19 were a bit more active in the first 10 minutes feeding off the crowd energy but the travelling Bears’ fans were also heard loudly pushing their team forward.

However, after 12 minutes Fehérvár AV19 took the lead when Sofron sent the rebound past Rosandić. This goal woke up the crowd even more and they kept up the pressure and were ultimately rewarded with a second goal by Erdely just about two minutes later

The Bears got a chance to get back into the match at the end of the period with a powerplay but unfortunately couldn’t convert it.

The home team was on the top through a lot of the period.

The Bears came out to the 2nd period in a good tempo, still having some time on their powerplay and pushing Fehérvár AV19 in their own zone.

After a minute of the period, Luttinen was sent to the penalty box for hooking and the Bears had a 2nd powerplay opportunity of the night.

Just when it started to look as if Fehérvár AV19 might hold off another powerplay pressure a great shot through few players by Olden found the net and Medveščak was right back in the game.

After this, the game opened up again with both teams having several good chances to score.

The biggest and one which was converted was by Kóger who took the puck on his own and with an individual effort slid it past Rosandić getting the Hungarian team up by two again.

It then got worse for the Bears as they had to go on the penalty kill and just after about 30 seconds the home crowd erupted again as they scored their 4th of the game, by Kóger again.

This goal also prompted a change in the goal for the Bears as Corbeil replaced Rosandić.

The Bears didn’t give up and Hardy got the 2nd goal of the period for our boys with a good shot keeping the hope alive.

Sadly this didn’t last long as Luttinen about a minute after made the difference 3 goals again.

In the third period, Medveščak got 2 powerplay chances in the first 10 minutes but Fehérvár AV19 defended them well not allowing the Bears to get back into the match.

With the score like this Fehérvár AV19 lifted the pressure a bit allowing the Bears to create some good chances in the third period. This was however not enough in the end as the game ended 5:2 in favour of the home team.

Statement from the coach Aaron Fox: “I think our game started to be at the level we need in the last 30 minutes. The first 20 we weren’t very good plain and simple. They outskated, outbattled, outworked, outcompeted us and that showed in the score after 1st period. In  the 2nd we started taking it to them a little bit, we were unfortunate to lose that period 3:2. I thought we had a chance to win that period and tighten the gap, unfortunately that’s the way sports works sometimes. Some nights the other team is just better and that was the way it was tonight. (on the home fans being a factor) Yeah I think early the home team feeds off that crowd but that is not an excuse. We got 22 guys who care ready to play and just didn’t quite have it in first 20 minutes. If you look at it game as a whole it’s a 5:2 loss, 0 points but I feel like we can take something out of this and build off going into Sunday the way we played in the last 20-30 minutes.”


On the topic of the crowd, big thank you goes to the travelling Bears’ fans who came to support the team in Hungary and didn’t stop their support no matter the score and in the end waited for the team in front of the bus to applaud them.

Medveščak plays their next game on Sunday against Villach in Stadthalle Villach at 17:30. #TogetherWeAre

FEHÉRVÁR AV19 : KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb 5:2 (2:0, 3:2, 0:0)


1:0 FEH Sofron (12:03 / EQ)

2:0 FEH Erdely (14:09 / Sofron, Szabo/ EQ)

2:1 MED Olden (24:49 / Sylvestre / PP1)

3:1 FEH  Koger (26:30 / Glenn, Harri / EQ)

4:1 FEH  Koger (31:49 / Szabo, Philips / PP1)

4:2 MED Hardy (35:17 / Armstrong, Zanoski / EQ)

5:2 FEH Luttinen (36:02 / Glenn, Koskiranta / EQ)

Shots on goal: 26 - 28

PIM: 8 - 4