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The Bears outplayed legendary KAC 5:1

Reports 06.10.2017.
The Bears outplayed legendary KAC 5:1

Medveščak players beat KAC Klagenfurt 5:1 (0-1, 2-0, 3-0) in the 8th round of EBEL in the Ice Hall of Dom Sportova in Zagreb.

The guests scored first, in the 10th minute through Rheault, and kept the lead until 34th minute, when the new arrival Samson Mahbod beat David Madlener. Only a minute and 45 seconds later Mike Aviani brought the lead to Medveščak.

At the beginning of the third period there was a break because of the ice damage, and when the game continued, Medveščak was dominating and with three more goals reached for a convincing win.

Tomaš Netik raised the score to 3:1 in the 49th minute. Marko Pöyhönen scored for 4:1 in the 51st minute, and the final scorer for 5:1 was Sašo Rajsar in the 59th minute.

Medveščak thus earned all three points, and with the total of 11 points from 8 games climbed to the 8th place of the EBEL standings.

In two days, on Sunday October 8th, at 5.45 p.m., the Bears will host Black Wings Linz in the Ice Hall, in the second of the three home matches. The series of home games will end on Tuesday, October 10th (7:15 p.m.), when the guest at Dom Sportova will be Villach.

You can read the game announcements at http://www.medvescak.com/ebel/kac-linz-i-villach-stizu-u-brlog-no2865


KHL Medveščak Zagreb - KAC Klagenfurt 99 5:1 (0:1, 2:0, 3:0)

EBEL, The Ice Hall of Dom sportova, 4923 spectators

Referees: BULOVEC, PIRAGIC, Hribar, Pagon


09:53   1:0 Rheault (Neal, Ganahl)

33:08    1:1 Mahbod (Netik, Koskiranta)

34:53    2:1 Aviani (Rajsar, Brine)

48:25    3:1 Netik (Koskiranta, Mahbod)

50:27   4:1  Poyhonen (Netik, Tikkanen)

58:21   5:1 Rajsar (Aviani, Koskiranta)


PENALTIES: 8 min - 4 min

Medveščak: MacIntyre D. / Simsic N., Privitera A., Cepon M., Poyhonen M., Tikkanen H., Kudelka T., Kegalj B. / Brine D., Zanoski T., Olden S., Mahbod S., Jarcov L., Ficur B., Jankovic I., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Rajsar S., Morley T., Aviani M.

KAC: Duba T. / FISCHER D., Strong S., Schumnig M., Kapstad K., Robar M., Kernberger M., Schnetzer R., Obersteiner D. / Kraus N., Neal M., Ganahl M., Koch T., Geier S., Rheault J., Hundertpfund T., Bischofberger J., Talbot J., Lundmark J., Richter M., Brucker M.


Source / author: HINA, EBEL

Photo: MDVPRess / I. Soban, Pixsell