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The Bears outplayed Red Bulls

Reports 21.11.2017.
The Bears outplayed Red Bulls

Medveščak scored victory over strong Red Bulls thanks to their splendid play in the last period, which they won 3:0. The first period ended 1:1, and the second 3:3.

The hero of the game was Sondre Olden with three goals (18', 31', 49'), and other goals for the Bears were scored by Tero Koskiranta (24'), Michael Boivin (47') and Tom Zanoški (59').

For the Salzburg team, scorers were Mueller (3'), Schremp (29') and Rauchenwald (35').

With this triumph, Medveščak jumped to the 5th position with 30 points, and the 4th Salzburg is only two points ahead, with two games more.

On Thursday (November 24th), the Bears are guests in Fehervar, Hungary, and on Sunday (November 26th, 5.30 p.m.), in the Ice Hall they are hosting Linz, the runner-up of the league.

Vienna Capitals are still in the lead of EBEL, with 46 points.

During the game, the supporters firm "Sektor B" traditionally paid their tribute to Vukovar and Škabrnja war victims, with a transparent deployed over their stands sector.


With 6 goals scored tonight, in the collaboration with their partner HOK Insurance, Medveščak donated additional 60 seedlings to the areas devastated by wildfires around Split, as a part of their »LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER« campaign. With this, so far they donated total of 1456 seedlings.


KHL Medveščak Zagreb - EC Red Bull Salzburg . 6:3 (1:1,2:2,3:0)

Ice Hall - Dom sportova, Zagreb 



0:1 RBS Mueller P. (02:33 / Schremp R., Raffl T. / PP)

1:1 MZA Olden S. (17:34 / Morley T., Tikkanen H. / EQ)

2:1 MZA Koskiranta T. (23:32 / Tikkanen H. / EQ)

2:2 RBS Schremp R. (28:27 / Viveiros L., Mueller P. / EQ)

3:2 MZA Olden S. (30:29 / Mahbod S., Brine D. / EQ)

3:3 RBS Rauchenwald A. (34:25 / Hughes J., Raffl T. / EQ)

4:3 MZA Boivin M. (46:37 / Morley T. / PP)

5:3 MZA Olden S. (48:35 / Morley T., Boivin M. / PP)

6:3 MZA Zanoski T. (58:55 / Privitera A. / EQ)

Shots on goal: 25 - 28

Penalties: 8 - 37

MEDVEŠČAK: Poulin K. / Privitera A., Cepon M., Boivin M., Poyhonen M., Tikkanen H., Kudelka T., Kegalj B. / Brine D., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Mahbod S., Ficur B., Jankovic I., Koskiranta T., Netik T., Rajsar S., Morley T., Aviani M.

RB SALZBURG: Gracnar L. / Pallestrang A., Jakubitzka D., Raymond B., Viveiros L., Trattnig M., Brouillette J. / Raffl T., Rauchenwald A., Schiechl M., Wachter D., Duncan R., Kainz L., Harris B., Schremp R., Hughes J., Mueller P., Baltram F., Huber M.


Source: EBEL www.erstebankliga.at; HINA www.hina.hr

Photo: MDVPRess/I.Šoban, Pixsell