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The Bears win in Linz

Reports 04.03.2018.
The Bears win in Linz

The Bears finished intermediate round of EBEL season at the fifth place, and in their last game they celebrated in Linz vs. Black Wings 2:3 (0:2, 1:1, 1:0). Linz therefore had the right to choose their opponent for the playoffs, and they picked Medvečak.

The Bears tonight came to 2:0 advantage in the first period, with goals by Boivin (3) and Lethonen (13), and again Boivinincreased to 3:0 with his second goal in the mid of the second period (33:17). Scorers for the home team were Hofer (40) and D'Avers (45).

After all the games of the last round of the intermediate part were finished, four highest ranked teams chose their opponents for the playoffs quarterfinals:

Vienna Capitals (1) – HC TWK Innsbruck “die Haie” (6)
EC Red Bull Salzburg (2) – Dornbirn Bulldogs (7)
EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz (3) – Medvescak Zagreb (5)
EC-KAC (4) – HCB Südtirol Alperia (8)

Quarterfinals matches are on schedule from Friday, March 9th, and teams that first score 4 wins go to semifinals. The Bears are guests in Linz on Friday, March 9th, and the home return mach is on Sunday, March 11, in Dom sportova in Zagreb.

You can find the information about the Bears schedule for the playoffs and home game tickets here.

Austrian VSV Villach and Graz 99ers, Hungarian Fehervar AV19 and Czech Orli Znojmo did not reach the playoffs this year.

Source: EBEL; HRT
Photo: Twitter