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The Bulldogs bit the Bears

Reports 31.10.2018.
The Bulldogs bit the Bears

The home team started the game better creating some chances early on but none of them managed to find the back of the net.

But it was the Bears who took the lead. After 5:17 played in the game, Sondre Olden opened the scoring with a goal assisted by Greg Mauldin and Yann Sauve.

The goal came against the run of play a bit and it evened the game a bit where both teams started to have their chances.

The Bears had some big chances when they hit the post several times, one of them coming when the goalie was down, and the net was open, but the puck just clipped the post.

With 1:17 left in the period Aviani was sent to the box for delaying the game and the Bulldogs got a power play.

35 seconds into the power play, the Bulldogs created pressure and it resulted in a goal by Reid, assisted by Trotter and Broda. This meant the teams went into the break all tied up.

To start the second period the Bears tried to take the lead and had a nice 1on1 but Rinne stood tall and kept the game tied.

Both teams had their chances and tried to take the upper hand on the match.

Sadly, the home team was more successful in this when after 4:26 played Broda sent them into the lead on a goal assisted by Trotter and Pulli.

The home team, exactly two minutes after, got another power-play chance when Manavian was called for hooking. Fortunately for the Bears, they defended it well.

The bad spell for the Bears continued when with 10:02 to go in the period, Olden got a 2-minute penalty for abuse.

It didn't even take a minute before the Bulldogs bit the Bears for the third time. Broda with his second of the game assisted by Trotter and Reid.

The third goal put the home team on a horse and they created even more pressure.

The Bears then managed to turn it around a bit creating chances of their own.

With 5:09 left in the period, Kudelka dished a nice pass to Lemtyugov who scored his first for the Bears.

The Bears now got closer and felt there is a chance in this match.

The Bears had to also defend another power play at the end of the 2nd period. The penalty kill came up strong and the difference was still just a goal.

In the third period, the Bears kept trying to tie the game up.

The game was moving from one end to the other but both teams kept their defence tight not allowing another team to get a break.

But after 8:30 played, the Bulldogs found a breakthrough and Dupont made it a 2 goal difference again after an assist from Parks and McNeill.

The Bears opened their game up more trying to get back into it which allowed the home team to put a dagger in their heart.

With just over 8 minutes left in the third period. Parks scored to make the score 5:2 after assists from Macierzynski and Dupont.

The score didn’t change after and the Bears fell 5:2 in Dornbirn.

The head coach Aaron Fox had this to say after the game: “Obviously we didn’t get our points. That’s what we can here for. 11 hours on a bus, waste of our time. I thought the game could’ve gone either way early. We were up one nothing. We had a chance to go up two nothing but Nikolaj misses the empty net. We take a delay of game penalty, they score on that penalty make it 1:1. Early in the second, we have some good chances to score a couple of goals and we failed to do so. I think powerplays were 4:0 in Dornbirn’s favour, we didn’t get a single powerplay and it is hard to win in this league with spending that much time in the box and not getting any power plays. Ivan didn’t have his best game tonight. I don’t think the third, fourth or fifth goals were very good goals. We add all that together, it is tough to win a hockey game that way.”




0:1          05:17     MZA      Olden S. (Mauldin G., Sauve Y./EQ)
1:1          19:19     DEC        Reid B. (Trotter B., Broda J./PP)
2:1          24:26     DEC        Broda J. (Trotter B., Pulli J./EQ)
3:1          30:42     DEC        Broda J. (Trotter B., Reid B./PP)
3:2          34:51     MZA      Lemtyugov N. (Kudelka T., Olden S./EQ)
4:2          48:30     DEC        Dupont B. (Parks M., McNeill R./EQ)
5:2          51:54     DEC        Parks M. (Macierzynski K., Dupont B.)


Shots: 36:23

Penalty minutes: 0:8



Rinne (Stroj); Magnan, Gauthier, Broda, Trotter, Cip; McNeill, Connelly, O'Donnell, Timmins, Reid; Pulli, Vallant, Macierzynski, Dupont, Parks; Wolf, Haberl, Haussle, Neubauer



Lisutin, Rosandić; Sauve, Manavian, Olden, Mauldin, Lemtyugov; Robar, Deutsch, Svensson, Aviani, Armstrong; Kudelka, Puzić, Samuels-Thomas, Sylvestre, Zanoški; Simšič, Brine


Photo: ©DEC/Blende47