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The Bulls leave the Den with no points

Reports 07.01.2018.
The Bulls leave the Den with no points

Tonight at the Ice Hall, Medveščak opened the game greatly against Salzburg Red Bulls, and after the first minute they came to lead with a goal by Sondre Olden. Samson Mahbod soon (4') increased the advantage to 2:0, but then the twist came. Brant Harris shook the hosts net in 8th and 12th minute, and then also Mario Huber (13'), so the guests won the first period 3:2.

The Bears equalized to 3:3 in the finish of the second period, the scorer again was Olden (37'). Then, after the first 5 minutes of the last period they were back to lead (4:3), the scorer was Jozef Balej (45'). But the hosts' lead was soon annulled with a goal by John Hughes in 54th minute.

However, Sašo Rajsar brought the win to the Bears 3 minutes before the end. This was Rajsar's first goal as a father, because last night he got a son.

»I am happy with the game and proud of the boys, who fixed the situation every time and held us in the lead. There were chances that we could have used better, the second period didn't end up well for us, there were too many penalties, but the boys fixed all this and did a great job tonight. I am very happy because of Saša Rajsar, he became father today and brought us the victory, great day for him and for the team«, Douglas Bradley shortly commented and added: »A valuable win tonight, but we have much work to do. We go one game at a time, steadily to our goal«.

The Bears are guests in Bolzano on January 12th, and they return to the Ice Hall on Sunday, January 14th, where they are hosting Innsbruck (5.30 p.m.).

This was the 6th win for Medveščak in last 7 games, and thanks to this they remained on 6th place of the EBEL standings, with 55 points.


KHL Medveščak Zagreb - EC Red Bull Salzburg   5:4 (2:3,1:0,2:1)

The Ice Hall - Dom sportova, Zagreb



1:0 MZA Olden S. (01:01 / Morley T., Poyhonen M. / EQ)

2:0 MZA Mahbod S. (03:41 / Morley T., Olden S. / EQ)

2:1 RBS Harris B. (07:17 / Schremp R., Stajnoch M. / EQ)

2:2 RBS Harris B. (11:46 / Schremp R., Raffl T. / PP)

2:3 RBS Huber M. (13:05 / Schiechl M., Brouillette J. / SH)

3:3 MZA Olden S. (36:40 / Noonan G., Morley T. / EQ)

4:3 MZA Balej J. (44:10 / Koskiranta T., Aviani M. / EQ)

4:4 RBS Hughes J. (53:33 / Raffl T., Duncan R. / EQ)

5:4 MZA Rajsar S. (56:59 / Mahbod S., Noonan G. / EQ)

Shots on goal: 30-36

Penalties: 8-6

MEDVEŠČAK: Poulin K. / Deutsch A., Boivin M., Poyhonen M., Tikkanen H., Noonan G., Kudelka T., Kegalj B. / Brine D., Zanoski T., Simsic N., Olden S., Puskarich M., Mahbod S., Cepon M., Balej J., Koskiranta T., Rajsar S., Morley T., Aviani M.

RBS: Gracnar L. / Stajnoch M., Generous M., Raymond B., Winkler D., Viveiros L., Trattnig M., Brouillette J. / Raffl T., Rauchenwald A., Herburger R., Cijan A., Schiechl M., Duncan R., Harris B., Hochkofler P., Schremp R., Hughes J., Mueller P., Huber M.



Photo: MDVPRess/G.Stanzl, Pixsell