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The Bulls overpower the Bears

Reports 22.01.2019.
The Bulls overpower the Bears

The match didn't start off well for the Bears when after 2:18 Harris scored the first goal with an assist from Raymond.

Soon after that, the Red Bull got a power play when Luka Jarčov was called for holding.

Salzburg wasted no time and scored after 56 seconds of the power play. Duncan got the goal with Hughes and Herburger getting assists.

While Salzburg dominated the game which showed up on the shot count with 19:2 for the visitors, the Bears had a good chance when they were 2on1 but couldn't finish it.

Salzburg scored early in the second when after 28 seconds Duncan scored. Just as with the second called Hughes and Herburger assisted on the goal.

The away team kept creating chances and it paid off when after 7:15 Herburger now scored. Hughes and Duncan this time assisted, giving everyone on that line already 3 points in 4 goals.

The game calmed down a bit but since Salzburg kept creating chances eventually they used one. With 16:13 gone Schiechl made it 0:5. VandeVelde with Raffl got assists.

Just a minute and 16 later Winkler extended the lead further when his goal was assisted by Baltram.

The Bears started the third period with an early power play. At 2:40 Hughes was called for delay of the game. However, the Bears were unable to convert on it and the score remained 0:6.

Salzburg kept up the pressure but Nikolić was very solid in the net and kept the Bears from losing even more.

But his defence was broken eventually when after 15:40 Regner made it 7. Raffl and Schiechl assisted on the goal which was the last one of the game.

The Bears fell 0:7 and will face Fehervár away next on Friday.




0:1          02:18     RBS        Harris B. (Raymond B./EQ)
0:2          06:32     RBS        Duncan R. (Hughes J., Herburger R./PP)
0:3          20:28     RBS        Duncan R. (Hughes J., Herburger R./EQ)
0:4          27:15     RBS        Herburger R. (Hughes J., Duncan R./EQ)
0:5          36:13     RBS        Schiechl M. (VandeVelde C., Raffl T./EQ)
0:6          37:29     RBS        Winkler D. (Baltram F./EQ)
0:7          55:40     RBS        Regner B. (Raffl T., Schiechl M./EQ)


Shots: 10:56

Penalty minutes: 2:2



Nikolić (Filipec); Robar, Jacmenjak, Janković, Simšič, Miličić; Čepon, Senzel, Mikulić, Fičur, Luka Jarčov; Kegalj, Srketić, Vedlin, Novak, Mirić; Sertić, Ćurćić, Brenčun, Buković


Michalek (Herzog); Heinrich, Hochkofler, Herburger, Duncan, Hughes; Pallestrang, Regner, Raffl, VandeVelde, Schiechl; Raymond, Stajnoch, Huber, Rauchenwald, Harris; Jakubitzka, Baltram, Winkler, Cijan