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Third time the charm

Announcements 01.12.2018.
Third time the charm

The Bears have faced Bulldogs already twice this season, losing 8:1 in Sisak and 5:2 just over a month ago in Dornbirn.

Since the last meeting, the Bulldogs played 9 matches. During them, they won 3 and lost 6, one of those in overtime against Vienna. The wins came against Innsbruck and Villach in back to back games and the last win was in their previous match against Znojmo.

Canadian winger Brock Trotter is the leading scorer of the team with 22 points in 14 matches. Brendan O'Donnell has 19 points in 3 more matches. He is tied for team-leading 9 goals with two other players. Joel Broda has 9 goals too and 9 assists, winger Michael Parks has the same stats. Brodie Reid also has 18 points for 8 goals and 10 assists.

In the net, they almost solely rely on Rasmus Rinne who played in 24 games with 3.02 goals against average and 90.5% save percentage.

For the Bears, Sondre Olden leads the team with 14 points. Sébastien Sylvestre is second with 13 points and 8 goals which is the highest on the team. Three players are tied at 11 points, defenseman Yann Sauvé, winger Bjorn Svensson and winger Jordan Samuels-Thomas.

This year Dornbirn scored 18 goals on 88 powerplay chances giving them 20.4% efficiency, the Bears are at 14.7% with 11 goals on league lowest 75 powerplays.

When it comes to killing the power play, Dornbirn faced 90 and allowed 19 goals, earning a 78.9% efficiency. The Bears had to go on powerkill 76 times and allowed 18 goals with 76.3% efficiency.

Dornbirn is also 8th in the league with scoring efficiency with 9.56% of shots resulting in a goal, in comparison the Bears succeed on 7.67% of their shots.

The Bears will face Dornbirn Bulldogs away on Sunday 2nd of December at 17:30! Come on Bears!


Photo: HC Dornbirn Bulldogs