Interview 25.08.2017

Tomas Netik, one of the loudest players in the Den

If he wasn't a hockey player, Tomas would probably play tennis. He has a legendary status in Sparta Prag and he wants to achieve the same in Medvescak.

Unlike his many teammates, Tomas Netik already played in the Zagreb Ice Hall against Medvescak. Today, few years later Netik is back again playing for the home team in EBEL.

He played just one preseason game for Medvescak and already won a trophy. Not in hockey. Netik and Jozef Balej won the doubles tennis tournament last weekend at the team building showing that experience is very important in sports.

Your father was a very good hockey player representing the national team. Was he the biggest reason why you decided to play hockey?
„My father played professionaly for Sparta Prague and the national team. It was common sense for me to start with hockey. I started playing when I was three, went to the locker room with my father and like him, I started playing for Sparta.“

You showed great tennis skills playing at the team building. Do you play tennis when the hockey season is over?
„I played tennis until I was 13 because my sister trained tennis. At that moment I had to decide and I opted for hockey, but I even play tennis today. Every summer I play with my sister and friends. Tennis is good for my condition and I like it very much.“

What is your personal opinion about the club, the fans and the city in these three weeks you have been here?
„I really like it here in the Ice Hall. I played here in the KHL and I knew where I was coming. Zagreb is a beautiful city and I heard many great things about the fans. I knew that Medvescak had great fans and it is really important for us. We have to play great hockey for them.“

Your wife and daughter are in Zagreb with you. How much does it help to a professional player?
„I played hockey in many countries and family followed me wherever I went. Everything is ready for me at home, my daughter is with me which makes me very happy.“

This will be your first season in EBEL? Do you know something about the league?
„This will be my first experience in EBEL, but I know that this league is very competitive. I remember that one season I played with Slovan against Vienna Capitals in the preseason and we lost badly. Every team plays very fast and dynamic and I hope that we will play that way.“

A lot of younger players say that experienced guys give them a lot of advice. How does it look like, do they come to you and ask questions?
„Younger players come to me because I'm the one of experienced guys. I always tell them the truth, what is good and where do they need to improve. I am one of the players who has no problem with raising the voice in the locker room when things go bad on the ice. I'm always there for the younger guys, but I myself also have to play great hockey.“

What is your experience with coach Cameron in first three weeks of training camp?
„This is the first time in my hockey career that the coach is younger than me, but that's not a problem. We always have to listen him and in those first few weeks we worked great together. I see this as a great chance for a terrific season for Medvescak.“

What is your favorite movie?
„I really like old Czech movies.“

What is your favorite food?
„I like sushi, I also like fish and I enjoy Czech cousine.“

What other sports would you play if you weren't a hockey player?
„I would probably play tennis.“

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