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Two new Canadians in the Bears forward line

News 05.07.2018.
Two new Canadians in the Bears forward line

"From Britain with Love" could be a suitable title of the newest episode directed by Medveščak's sports director Aaron Fox. It was confirmed that two Canadian attackers, Sebastien Sylvestre and John Armstrong, will change their British residence for Croatia.

24-year-old Canadian forward Sebastien Sylvestre comes to Medveščak from Belfast Giants (UK). He started his professional career in his home country Canada, playing for the college team Antoine-Girouard Gaulois. In 2004 he went to the EHCL to Bakersfield Condors, and stayed in the same league for several seasons, playing for Missouri Mavericks (2015/16) and Elmira Jackals (2016/17). In North American EHCL he played 203 games and scored 138 points. Last season he started his European career in the British EIHL, where he played 56 games and scored the total of 75 points, 31 goals and 44 assists, for the Giants of Belfast.

„Sebastien is coming to Medveščak after being a top player in the UK last year. He’s looking to make a big impact in our club and wants to play in best league possible. He has a good skill set and plays with some grit and energy. Should be a very solid middle 6 center for us that can play in all situations“, Medveščak sports director Aaron Fox announced Sylvestre's arrival to Medveščak.

Besides Sylvestre, Medveščak's forward line for the next season will be reinforced by another Canadian that also currently resides in Britain, John Armstrong. Armstrong spent most of his career on the North American continent, changing jerseys of different Canadian and US teams. He played in OHL, ECHL and AHL. He arrived to Europe in 2014 and stayed ever since. He played in Norway (2014/15), Denmark (2015/16), and last two seasons (2016/2017/2018) he spent in British Sheffield Steelers, where he played 91 games and scored 89 points.

„John should be a solid depth winger with the potential to chip in offensively. He plays hard and is one of those guys you need to win hockey games. He has basically been a point per game player in every league and is looking forward to the challenge of playing in the EBEL“, sports director Fox announced Armstrong's arrival.

Sylvestre and Armstrong will join the team for the preparations for the new season, in August this year.

Photo/Graphics: MDV