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Unlucky March 13th for the Bears

Reports 13.03.2018.
Unlucky March 13th for the Bears

The Bears lost tonight their third game of the EBEL playoffs quarterfinals, away in Linz with high 8:2 (3:1, 5:0, 0:1). What happened is exactly the thing that the chief couch Douglas Bradley was warning about, in his media statements after the home game and win in Zagreb: “… for sure Linz is not going to give up easily, they will play hard and physically, they are not an easy opponent…”. And tonight Linz was not an easy opponent for the Bears.

The hosts came to lead in the first minute already with a goal by DaSilva (1:10), and in the first 16 minutes they already had 3:0 advantage, with goals by Altman (5:56) and Lebler (16:14). After the third home teams' goal, Bradley decided to change the goalkeeper (16:23) Carr with Rosandić, who was protecting the goal to the end of the game. Just before the first period end (19:41) Morley scored Medveščak's first goal, and reduced the hosts' lead to 3:1.

The second period was very successful for the hosts! In the first minute of the second part already, Altmann (25:07) scored again for 4:1. Two and a half minutes later, Kristier (27:51) raised the score to 5:1, and few minutes later 90 seconds only were enough for the hosts to score another three goals. DaSilva (31:05) with his second goal increased the score to 6:1, Schofield (32:55) to 7:1, and soon after Broda (33:29) set the score to 8:1.

In the last period the Bears, with a goal by Koskiranta (53:32) managed to symbolically reduce the final result to 8:2.

The home team had 44 shots on the Bears' goal, and Medveščak only 24. Penalties ratio was also in favor of the hosts, with 12 minutes of penalties, compared to 14 by the Bears.

With the tonight's Linz win, the wins ratio in the EBEL playoffs quarterfinal between Medveščak and LIWEST Black Wings was reduced to 2:1, still in the Bears favor. Medveščak plays their next game also away in Linz, because of the figure skating world championship in Dom sportova, on Thursday March 16, at 7.15 p.m.

The Bears play their next home game of the quarterfinals on Monday, March 19th at 7.50 at the Ice Hall. Information about tickets is available HERE.


Results of other EBEL playoffs quarterfinals matches:

Vienna Capitals - Innsbruck          4:3
KAC Klagenfurt - Bolzano             2:1
RB Salzburg - Dornbirn Buldogs   5:4


EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz - KHL Medveščak Zagreb      8:2 (3:1,5:0,0:1)

1:0 EHL DaSilva D. (01:10 / Altmann M., Schofield R. / EQ)
2:0 EHL Altmann M. (05:56 / Hofer F., Broda J. / EQ)
3:0 EHL Lebler B. (16:14 / Dorion M. / EQ)
3:1 MZA Morley T. (19:41 / Kudelka T., Olden S. / EQ)
4:1 EHL Altmann M. (25:07 / Schofield R. / EQ)
5:1 EHL Kristler A. (27:51 / Kirchschläger E., Schofield R. / EQ)
6:1 EHL DaSilva D. (32:05 / Lebler B. / SH)
7:1 EHL Schofield R. (32:55 / Lebler B., DaSilva D. / EQ)
8:1 EHL Broda J. (33:29 / Dorion M., Piche S. / PP)
8:2 MZA Koskiranta T. (53:32 / Lehtonen M., Simsic N. / EQ)
Shots on goal: 44 - 24
Penalties: 12 - 14

LBW: Ouzas M., Janny F. / D'Aversa J., Dorion M., Kragl G., Kirchschläger E., Altmann M., O'Brien S., Piche S., Gaffal S. / Lebler B., Schofield R., Zusevics Z., Broda J., Lukas P., Hofer F., Kristler A., Spannring P., Naclerio M., Moderer K., Locke C., DaSilva D.

MDV: Carr K., Rosandic V. / Puzic I., Cepon M., Boivin M., Tikkanen H., Schiestel D., Noonan G., Kudelka T. / Poyhonen M., Brine D., Lehtonen M., Simsic N., Olden S., Balej J., Jankovic I., Koskiranta T., Ranov A., Netik T., Morley T., Aviani M.

Source: EBEL
Photo: Twitter