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Vienna Caps off the win

Reports 25.09.2018.
Vienna Caps off the win

Medveščak started off the match well. With high tempo and attacking game pushing Vienna back in their own zone. This continued until we had to go defend on the powerplay after Aviani was called for high sticking. The Bears defended themselves well during it and didn't allow Vienna to take the lead.

Corbeil kept the team in the game not just during the penalty kill but also after it when he lost the stick yet still made some crucial save to keep us tied at 0.

The Bears even got a chance to go on a power play of their own in the 4on3 situation but even with some chances they had, they couldn't convert it. Both goalies kept making good saves and we finished the period without seeing a goal.

The Bears started the second period well again, putting the visitors under a lot of pressure which then forced foul by Holzapfel and gave us the second power play of the night. Sadly, it was not used. After it, Vienna woke up a bit too and created some pressure of their own worrying the Bears' fans.

This worry soon turned into a happiness as just over 6 minutes played in the 2nd, Armstrong got the puck past Lamoreux and opened the scoring for the Bears.

Unfortunately, the momentum got broken up a bit after the goal when we had to depend on the power kill again. However, the Bears kept up their attack during it too and generated some of the chances.

After this, both sides kept generating pressure, but it was Vienna who converted on it. Tying the game with a goal from Tessier. Not even a minute after a goal Corbeil got called for delay of the game for moving the net. It was Svensson who went to serve the penalty and he got a good chance after quickly getting out of the box, taking the puck but he couldn't score the Bears' second goal of the game.

Just when it looked like the period will end tied at 1, Nissner scored the second game of the period for the Capitals. The Bears decided to challenge the goal but were unsuccessful in their challenge as the video review just confirmed the goal and with 18 seconds left in the period gave the visiting team the lead.

Medveščak entered the third period in same high tempo as previous two, chasing the tying goal with everything they have. Since they had to open up the play this allowed Vienna to attack too but neither team scored as the action was running from one end to another. This changed when just about 15 minutes gone in the 3rd, Corbeil was called for tripping and the Capitals went on the power play.

They didn’t even need a minute to strike for the third time today as Nödl gave them a 2-goal lead. Tensions kept rising after the goal with players getting into scuffles which resulted in both our captain Perkovich and Lakos getting 5-minute penalties for holding. The Bears even got a chance to try and get back into the game when they got a power play but didn’t score. While they created few more chances after it, the game ultimately ended with a 3:1 loss.

Our head coach Aaron Fox had this to say after the game and the tensions at the end: “I don’t really want to comment get myself into too much trouble on that side of things. Obviously, I really appreciated the effort and the way we played that game tonight. I thought we deserved better. Unfortunately, couple bounces didn’t go our way, couple calls didn’t go our way. It’s hard to win in this league when the things are going the right way when they are not going the right way it makes it that much harder. I really like the way we came back after last night it is a much better effort. Our goal is to get better, to continue getting better so we will have a hard work to do this week and be ready to go into Znojmo and give ourselves a chance to win and be back here next Sunday.”



1:0       26:26                MZA  Armstrong J. (Puskarich M./ EQ
1:1       34:48               VIC     Tessier K. (Holzapfel R., Arniel J./EQ
1:2       39:42               VIC    Nissner B. (Schneider P.)
1:3       56:07               VIC    Nödl A. (PP)

Shots: 27:31

Penalty minutes: 15:13


Corbeil (Rosandić); Sauve, Deutsch, Olden, Samuels-Thomas, Mauldin; Robar, Manavian, Svensson, Aviani, Perkovich; Kudelka, Puzić, Puskarich, Sylvestre, Armstrong; Fičur, Šijan, Zanoški, Brine, Simšič


Lamoureux (Tschrepitsch); Hackl, Dorion, Tessier, Holzapfel, Arniel; Wall, Peter, Nödl, Wukovits, Rotter; Davis Kurt Casey, Lakos, DeSousa, Nissner, Schneider, Romig, Hartl

Photo: MDVPRess/D.Rogic