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You donate seedlings, SPAR and the Bears donate you!

News 07.03.2018.
You donate seedlings, SPAR and the Bears donate you!

The great national campaign LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER continues, and with the first game of the playoffs, club's partner SPAR also joins the campaign, with a special collection of club's merchandize.

In order to collect as many seedlings as possible for the afforesting of areas devastated by wildfires in Dalmatia, club's partner SPAR created a limited collection of club's pucks and fan scarves. The specially designed merchandize will be offered in charity sales on Medveščak's game vs. Linz, on Sunday, March 11 (5:30 p.m.) in the Ice Hall.

The minimal value of a single puck is 5 seedlings, i. e. the minimal donation is 20 kunas, while the minimal value of a single scarf is 10 seedlings, i. e. the minimal donation is 40 kunas. The complete income from donations gathered by SPAR's limited collection goes to LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER, and the seedlings will be added to the ones already collected.

Each donator can also increase the value of her or his donation, also thanks to SPAR! When a donator publishes her or his photo of the club merchandise on Instagram profile, with #PosumimoHRvatsku and 
#SPAR??HR in the photo description, and also tags it with @sparhr i@khl_medvescak_zg, SPAR will automatically donate additional 5 seedlings for Dalmatia! In order for the donation to be registered properly, the Instagram profile must be public 24 hours after the photo was published.

SPAR's charity merchandise will be on sale just before the game, as well as between the periods, in the lobby of the Ice Hall.

So far, the total of 4866 seedlings has been gathered for LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER, and the Bears and SPAR plan to increase the number for another 1000! The first phase of afforesting of the areas in and around Split, devastated by catastrophic wildfires last summer, is planned to start in spring this year.

Medveščak started the national campaign LET'S AFFOREST CROATIA TOGETHER in partnership with Croatian Forests in autumn of 2017, after a vast area on the Croatian coast was hit by catastrophic wildfires, with the goal to prevent major natural catastrophes that follow after the fires, but also to educate and raise the awareness among the general public about the importance of fire and disasters prevention. The campaign was so far supported by club's partners HOK Osiguranje, Eco Consult, Karlovačko and Spar, and members of Medveščak's Club of Seasonal Subscribers.