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Zagreb Bears' great heart beats for Dalmatia

News 06.09.2017.
Zagreb Bears' great heart beats for Dalmatia

There is an old saying that you can tell real a hero only in times of trouble, and for once again it proved to be true! The damage caused by wildfires that devastated Split area is still being estimated, but this catastrophe demonstrated for one more time the human character of the citizens of Croatia –numerous anonymous heroes from all parts of the country went to the areas hit by fires, ready to help their fellow citizens in trouble. Ice hockey club Medveščak also joins this inspiring story about help and heroism, and they will donate one seedling for the devastated areas in Split and its surroundings to Croatian Forests for each seasonal ticket sold for their next EBEL season, which starts on Sunday, September 10th.

"In the past months we unfortunately witnessed devastating fires on the very outskirts of Split, and the city was defended by joint efforts from firefighters and numerous brave volunteers. Among them were also fans from firms of our major football teams who forgot about their rivalries and hurried together to save the city. To continue this beautiful story about sense of community and great heart, Medveščak decided to support this sports friendship and to include their supporters in the afforesting efforts for the devastated areas", said Medveščak's communications manager Ranko Vučinić, and explained:
"Each seasonal ticket sold represents one seedling for the afforesting of areas in and around Split. In this early stage, right away we donate 1026 seedlings of the tree that is the best for the environment in question and that will in short term help the natural renovation of devastated area and prevent some dangerous possible consequences, such as soil erosion. We also call all our supporters, partners, sport friends and sympathizers to join the campaign, in order to make Croatian coastal areas and islands green again."

Zagreb Bears will repeat their call to join the campaign to their supporters also on the first game of the season, on September 10th in The Ice Hall of Zagreb Dom Sportova. Together with purchase of seasonal tickets, everyone can also contribute my making a symbolic donation of the value of one or several seedlings that will be gathered through different activities during the Medveščak games, but also on other occasions. The burned areas cannot be afforested right away, because best seasons for such activities are autumn and spring, so Medveščak's donation will be handed over to Croatian Forests, for the well being of the whole local community.

"Praiseworthy campaigns like this are for the benefit of the whole society that directly participates in damage repair, but this also develops consciousness about dangers from fire forests. We witnessed numerous wildfires that were a result of negligence, and this is where all of us must divert our best efforts. This gives additional educational value to the campaign, as well as a sense of community, which is necessary for every nation to survive", said Krunoslav Jakupčić, chairman of the board of Croatian Forests.

Each devastated hectare needs around 2000 seedlings, which means that there is a lot of work for all of us in order to return the burned areas to their original state. So, Medveščak and Croatian Forests point out that this is just a first step of the 'Let's Afforest Croatia Together' campaign. The campaign will last during the whole ice hockey, season, until spring when the afforesting is planned to start.

More details about 'Let's Afforest Croatia Together' campaign and about how to participate will be announced on www.medvescak.com. The city of Split and areas surrounding it are only the beginning of a great socially responsible and educational tour that Medveščak's hockey players and Croatian Forests embarked today.