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Zanoški, Šimšić and Fičur stay in the Den

News 03.08.2018.
Zanoški, Šimšić and Fičur stay in the Den

For Tomislav Zanoški, »bad boy« from Zagreb’s Jordanovac neighborhood, this is the 6th season with the Zagreb team. At first he spent two season with the Bears in EBEL (2011/12, 2012/13), and then after a short break he returned to Medveščak and spent 2 seasons in KHL (2015/16, 2016/17) and last season (2017/18) in European EBEL. Besides Medveščak, in EBEL Zanoški also played for KAC, Linz, Olimpija Ljubljana and the Italian team Bolzano. Since 2016, he is a member of Croatian national ice hockey team.

21-year-old Nik Šimšić, a Slovenian with Croatian nationality, arrived to Medveščak last season. Before this he built his professional career in Scandinavia, more precise in Sweden, where he played for Södertälje SK for several seasons. He arrived to the Swedish club in 2012 as a member of U16 team, and with years he played for U18, and finally for U20 team. He is also a member of Slovenian ice hockey national team, and as a member of U18 and U20 selections, he took part in six world championships so far. Last season with Medveščak’s M1 team he took part in 60 games in EBEL championship and scored 4 points (2+2). With the M2 team, he won IntHL championship, playing 7 games and scoring 11 points!

Bruno Fičur is a 24-year-old forward from Zagreb. For several seasons, he travelled between his home team Mladost and Medveščak, and in the end signed a professional contract with the Bears for the last season. He played the total of 39 games for Medveščak’s M1 and M2 teams in 2017/18 season. With the Bears, he also won IntHL championship last season, with 26 games and 23 points, 6 goals and 17 assists. Fičur is a member of Croatian national U20 ice hockey team.

The three forwards will join Medveščak’s roster at the beginning of preparations for the new season, in August in Zagreb.


Photo: MDVPRess/Pixsell