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''The movie is unbelievable, we loved watching it!''

News 12.09.2014.
''The movie is unbelievable, we loved watching it!''
The cream of the hockey crop came out to Europa cinema on Thursday evening for the premiere of the documentary film 'About Hockey and Bears' directed by Josip Ivancic and Radislav Jovanov Gonzo and filmed and produced by Propeler Film.
''The movie was unbelievable. I really enjoyed watching it. They did an amazing job incorporating all the seasons since Medvescak's establishment, and the passion and dedication of the fans and people surrounding the club. I knew a fair amount about the history of the club in Yugoslavia, but now that I've seen this movie I can put the names and faces of everyone I've met since coming to Zagreb to the time when it all began. Without those people who started it all, and without their enthusiasm to turn it into a tradition, and for the tradition to carry on, none of us would be where we are right now'', said an impressed Alan Letang, who spent five consecutive seasons, four in EBEL and one in the KHL, as Medvescak's captain. 
The public reacted very positively toward the film. Some moments were emotional, some funny, and some simply deserved a round of applause such as appearances by Medvescak's former players Boris Renaud and Bruno Zajec, Medvescak's current assistant coach Alan Letang, and player Joel Prpic.